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   Chapter 142 Nina Schemed To Enter A Bridal Chamber

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Nina was stubborn. It was either he touched her or he had to give her an explanation, which was the only choice left.

Just as the two sides confronted each other, Kevin's eyes flashed and he suddenly remembered one thing. "Didn't the doctor say that you must be careful in the first few months? What else can you do without sleeping?"

This reason was fairly convincing, and just so that Nina couldn't deny it at all. "……" What else could she say? She had never seen him care so much about the baby. Why did he care so much at this time

Then Kevin suddenly remembered that Nina had been asked to go to the hospital several days ago. There's no way she could forget that. "Don't you forget what the doctor told you?" No pregnant woman would actively propose to have sex with other men? Especially in the early stage of pregnancy, it was easy to miscarry.

Nina froze and there was a flash of panic in her eyes. She tried to calm down and retorted weakly, "the doctor didn't say that I couldn't cure her. He just said that I should be careful. Besides, today is their wedding night, no exception. "

"Really?" Kevin stared at her and felt something strange.

Nina was very nervous. She was afraid that Brian could see through her

After a while, Kevin looked away and said coldly, "the child can't be wrong at all. This is really an eye opening for me. I even dared to take risk of the baby in my belly for the so-called wedding night. What if anything happened to the baby You haven't forgotten what I said, have you? "

Nina wouldn't forget to do the DNA test?

"How can I put my baby at risk? He's my lifeline." Her eyes flashed when she said that in the darkness.

However, Kevin didn't notice her difference. He snorted heavily and said, "it's good that you know it."

As soon as Kevin finished speaking, he no longer paid attention to Nina and went to sleep deeply on the left.

Terrified, Nina couldn't stand it anymore. She lost all her strength and curled up on the other end of the line. It was a sleepless night.

Anna didn't toss and turn because of what she had suffered at her wedding night. She really couldn't fall asleep. She finally got what she wanted, married to Kevin and moved into Han Clan. She was supposed to be satisfied, but she felt more uneasy.

At first, Nina gave hope to Kevin, but Nina didn't expect that he was so determined. He didn't even touch her on their wedding night Nina panicked. Her wedding night was her only chance.

Her only chance was when she was pregnant. Covering her belly with her hands, Nina had never experienced such a panic like this. No one knew. She didn't even tell her mother that she had buried a time bomb in their marriage.

As for when the explosion will be Nina put on a bitter smile, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. The time was really fast. If she couldn't come up with a good solution, she was afraid that she would have to face a divorce soon after the wedding.

Although with grandfather's help, with the friendship between the two families, they wouldn't get a divorce. But she was afraid that she would have a hard time in the future. As fo

f the emperor, and Cecil is also capable. The families seldom argued with each other. Therefore, Mrs. Caspar was more casual when talking with her daughter-in-law, Susie.

Of course, it was only for Hiram's good parents in law. The women who were pregnant didn't dare to talk like that.

Susie married to Cecil at the age of twenty and had been living with her parents in law since then. She had suffered a lot of grievances, but she endured all of them. On the other hand, her mother-in-law was reasonable and treated her daughter-in-law sincerely. They had built a deep friendship after getting along with each other for so many years.

Of course, Mrs. Caspar only wanted to make fun of Susie. Susie grumbled, "Mother always make fun of me. I'm sorry for my bad image in your heart? Why are you picking on me? "

"That's true. As your mother-in-law, I gave you a hard time back then, didn't I?" Mrs. Caspar snickered.

Susie blushed. At that time, she was too young and naive to think it through. She even began to whisper to Mrs. Caspar. Since then, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had spoken out the hidden words. They didn't have a gap. However, as time went by, the relationship between them grew increasingly intimate. "Mother!" And that event, however, turned out to be a joke of Mrs. Caspar.

"All right, all right. Let's stop talking. Look at our Susie. She's furious. If granddaughter in law saw this, she couldn't care less about her image. " Mrs. Caspar bent her eyes, and then she looked to the other direction. She wanted to see Rachel so much.

Mr. Caspar said as he took a sip of tea. He had got used to the argument between his wife and his daughter-in-law, and was really much better than the fighting between other women. When I'm old, I want nothing but peace.

Unlike his father who was calm and composed, Cecil had been smiling happily.

Susie stamped her feet, not like a mother-in-law. The well maintained skin was as white and tender as a young girl's, showing the gesture of a daughter between blaming. No wonder she was the apple of Cecil's eye.

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