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   Chapter 141 The Drunken Bridegroom

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Hearing Spike's words, Kevin waved his hand and entered the house without turning his head around.

Walking on the long corridor to the bridal chamber, Kevin suddenly burst into a weird laugh, which scared the servants of the Han Clan. All people stood out to see their master. They were relieved.

How happy is Mr. Mr. Kevin getting married. But they thought, 'Mr. Kevin, it's very late now. Why is they so frightening?'.

The servants all trembled with laughter. They followed and laughed. They didn't know why, Kevin laughed so hard Maybe she was too happy?

They could never imagine that they would see the real reason for their beloved young master's laughter.

Every step forward, she was looking forward to the groom who passed out. Rufus was definitely the first man in the world, wasn't he? What a big joke! How could Kevin not laugh?

Nina had been sent to the wedding room early and she looked forward to Kevin's arrival.

It was getting dark and Nina was drowsy as time passed.

Is he coming? Nina had never been so nervous before. She had totally forgotten what had happened at the party. For her, tonight was very important and of great importance.

Tonight was not the wedding night at all

After hesitating for a second, Kevin finally opened the door. He used both of his hands, as if this door weighed thousands of pounds. The moment he saw Nina, he was devoid of any emotion.

Kevin walked in and closed the door slowly.

"Kevin." Nina had already changed the cheongsam and put on the selected pajamas. The small Camisole lace dress and red chiffon made the woman's fair and smooth skin more attractive.

Her graceful figure could be dimly discerned. A woman like her was definitely a stunner in men's eyes. If it were another man, he would have pounced on her.

But, not only that

In the distance between Kevin and Nina, the man immediately smelled the faint scent. Kevin is not an inexperienced young man. On the contrary, Kevin has dated many women. With a flash of my black eyes, Kevin immediately guessed that the woman was wearing the perfume.

She was trying to please him.

Kevin sat on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned the buttons one by one.

Nina blushed with both expectation and nervousness. She stood in front of him barefoot, and her toes couldn't help moving.

The delicate hand appeared in front of his eyes. Kevin looked up and Nina smiled shyly, "Kevin, let me help you..." It was the first time that she took off men's clothes.

She tried to get close to him but was pushed away by Kevin. "No, I'll do it myself."

"…… Then, I will run a bath for you. " After a short pause, Nina felt a little embarrassed, but she held back her anger because of her hesitation and continued to please holly.

Kevin didn't say anything this time and let her be.

Nina let out a sigh. She was so afraid of his refusal that she rushed into the bathroom to fill the bathtub with water.

Before lo

Nina's eyes turned red. She held him tightly, unwilling to let go of him. She kept rubbing against his body and said, "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin..."

She kissed him randomly, trying to warm his cold heart with her body.

But he didn't realize that he made it wrong, which enraged Kevin to the extreme. He pushed away the woman clinging to him. Nina nearly fell out of bed as she didn't notice that.


Kevin should be called. With a gloomy and impatient face, he wiped the saliva from his face. Even though she set him up last time, did she want to force him to have sex with her this time?

'Mr. Kevin, do you really think you are a true husband? The scene was so beautiful that Peter couldn't bear to see it.

However, Kevin couldn't smile. And Nina couldn't either.

"Are you insane? Can't you understand what I said?" Kevin scolded her.

Nina clutched the quilt tightly and couldn't pretend to be smiling any more. "What's wrong with me or you? Is it wrong to make out with your husband at their wedding night? Are you insane? You pushed me away! "

No woman could stand being rejected in this way, not to mention the arrogant Nina. Nina asked herself. She had done what she should do. She shamelessly seduced him again and again, and he refused again and again. This was their wedding night. Did he have to embarrass her on this day?

With a cold face, Kevin thought to himself, 'I'm right that Nina's accusation is reasonable. She should be wronged, but why does he not? Even touching her hands, let alone making out with her, disgusted him.

Kevin was not willing to put on an act, but he couldn't. When it came to the relationship between a man and a woman, she would never give any response to it, and nobody could force her to do that. He was sincere but powerless

Although Kevin didn't do that, he still felt more depressed when he heard such a man say words like "no", "strength". Oh, no, myocardial infarction already occurred to him.

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