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   Chapter 139 Lancy Send Blessing

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"Yes, Nina is very beautiful today. Kevin was very handsome." Lancy nodded her head firmly.

It was the first time that Marvin had agreed with the word 'handsome'. He wore a meaningful smile and said, "yes, it's true. Lancy has a good eye. Miss Nina is very suitable for the young master of the Han Clan."

Praised by her boss, Lancy puffed out her chest proudly and raised her head proudly... There is a song about this. If you love me, you can praise me. If you love me, you can hug me; if you love me, you can kiss me.

Beauty, how old are you now? Honest face?

Ray and Rani are more muture than Lancy.

Hearing that, Lancy, who had escaped from the crisis successfully, was smooth without hair. She smiled like a cat looking for money, adorable and likable. The two little buns who peeked at them just now couldn't bear to look straight at them. The picture was so beautiful that they could get rid of the sights of their masters and the cat. Mommy was not a cat. What was she made of?

Mummy was quite similar to pet. Both Ray and Rani had a complicated feeling now. They felt rather frustrated because their mommy. The two little buns felt distressed at the thought that their mommy had been "eaten" by other people.

... Little bun looked at each other and sighed silently. Her Mommy was brought up by someone else. How cruel it was! She didn't want to love anybody any more.

How funny it was? 'as the saying goes, he is arrogant, noble and powerful?


After the salute, Nina and Kevin went to the wedding banquet.

The wedding of the two families was grand and classy. To put it more bluntly, the two families were willing to burn money. They had already reserved the place. It was the best hotel in Alaska with a six star luxury rate.

It was not until the site layout, the menu layout, and the man in charge were satisfied with the arrangements, that they finally decided it. It could be said that the man had done it meticulously.

Nina took off her wedding dress and wore a cheongsam.

There was a tender and beautiful smile in her watery eyes. Nina, who had always been arrogant, seldom showed her weakness in front of others. If she doesn't smile on her joyful day, when will she smile?

Nina immediately found Kevin. She intimately took his arm and said in a flirtatious tone, "Kevin, don't drink too much. It's not good for your health."

The groomsman took the hint with a wink of Nina, and he immediately went to propose a toast.

"Well, well, well. You're so nice to me, Nina. You make me want to get married."

"How lucky you are, Mr. Kevin! Nina are so beautiful. You have no more hope. You will be single all your life. "

"Pooh! Pooh! Don't curse me! Nina, do you have single friend. Why not introduce h

sentative and speaker of the Lan Clan. No matter what he said, he kept telling her that he wanted them to love each other and get along well with each other.

And Kevin seemed to listen to Mr. Lakin very devoutly.

However, Marvin had already noticed that he was staring at the girl beside him.

'you haven't given up yet? The bride was right next to him, but he stared at Lancy. Wasn't he too bold?

When Lancy was eating happily with her head down, suddenly she felt someone was looking at her with passionate sight. When she looked up, her eyes met the eyes of Kevin.

The small mouth is still biting the crispy bone. It's rattling. The voice is quite clear Make sure Kevin is looking at herself. Lancy smiles and waves her claws...

Seeing this, Kevin bent his eyes and smiled silently.

Boss almost got angry. How could Kevin do like this?

As Marvin watched coldly, he put his hand around her slender waist and pinched it slightly It was really gentle and very light.

"Ahem!" All of a sudden, Lancy began to cough. She coughed so hard that her tears came out. Her face turned red and her neck became thick.

The little girl was mad again. Shit! Who said it was softly? Stop, she would definitely not kill her (he) ah ah! "! The sudden movement of this guy on her waist scared the shit out of her!

He said it was food. What the hell was wrong with him!

Boss was very calm, with concern on his face. He patted her back tenderly and said, "how can you...? Drank some water to relax your breath. The guests were new here. How frightening? I'm really sorry. Lancy is timid. Please don't mind. "

Wow, I never thought that the big boss of the Wilson Group would be so gentle. I've seen so much today.

It seemed that the rumor was true. The master of the Lu clan was deeply attached to the Lancy of the Lan Clan.

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