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   Chapter 138 Boss Is Jealous Again

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Lakin was a smart man. He had more or less guessed what was going on between Kevin and Nina. He knew clearly how Kevin fell in love with Lancy, how Nina got pregnant... Although Nina's words didn't make any sound, since Nina and Kevin's engagement, Kevin's attitude had exposed something.

Even though he didn't like Nina, he wouldn't give her the cold shoulder for the sake of their children. Nina might be the reason. Mr. Lakin looked at the emotionless Kevin and wondered whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for Nina. As he said, she had made her own choice. She had to face the consequences herself.

For the sake of the unborn child, Mr. Lakin hoped that the knot between them could be resolved and they could have a good ending.

It was not that Mr. Lakin didn't appreciate the marriage between Nina and Kevin, but that he had seen too many marriage in this circle, among which the people who had been in a relationship with each other seemed to have been deeply rooted. As the old saying goes, the aged ginger is the thorns. Mr. Lakin had gone through more trials than the rice that Nina had eaten. Some things could have an end as they saw the beginning.

It turned out that she had taken a wrong step at the beginning... The human heart was the most difficult to guess. It was as the same as the life itself. It was up to Nina whether she could find out the truth or mistake again and again.

Deep inside, Mr. Lakin hoped that his granddaughter could recover soon.

Unfortunately, she was pregnant now and he hoped that Nina could change after she became a mother. He hoped the unborn baby could be the bond between her and Kevin and help her to get better.

Nina slightly nodded her head and looked into Kevin's eyes. She swore in her mind, 'Grandpa, don't worry. I'm sure to be happy. I'll be!'.

At last, Mr. Lakin took Nina by the hand and handed her to Kevin. He said meaningfully, "Kevin, I have handed Nina to you, and you must treat her well. I wish you a long and happy life together. "

Wearing a black suit, Kevin looked even more handsome than before, but his face was too indifferent, less the joy of a groom.

After a long time since Nina walked out, he soon found Lancy in the church. Kevin seemed to be reflexive, and he couldn't control his eyes.

He couldn't help but think of her at the first possible moment, even in the day when he married someone else. At the same time, his eyes were full of amazement when she found out that it was nobody but Marvin.

When these two extraordinary men's eyes met, neither of them made a concession. Instead of "taking risks" like last time, Kevin stared at Lancy without scruple.

On the day he married another woman, Kevin hope he can be free for the last time and follow my heart. '. From now on, he could never be with her again. He

s are complicated. Do they dare to get straight to the point?"? The girl was frightened by the man's sharp eyes. She said in a low voice, "Nina's wedding dress is good, and the church is also good..."

What? Marvin was still very relaxed. He was gesturing for her to go on.

Lancy immediately understood that boss was unsatisfied with her answer. "…… Then, the priest is also very handsome. "

…… After swallowing, Marvin looked into her eyes and then looked at the priest in the middle, the very young priest. Red lips, white teeth, human body, tender skin...

Boss's observation was more detailed, with his skin so delicate that even the pores could be seen.

As a matter of fact, when did Marvin look into the mirror for the last time? Your skin is fair and flawless~~~~

After taking a deep look, our boss decided that the priest must be noble and respectful. ...

That was how the priest, who had been innocently shot, had taken his life. For the first time in his life, he had felt that he was a devil from the hell God, it must be his illusion. How could he have any evil intentions in this holy place?

As a matter of fact, no one knew the reason why the priest took his holy duty at such a young age was that he was afraid of ghosts. Although the priest looked calm and calm on the face, in fact, his empty mind was brushing the screen. Evils go to hell to die! And vice versa!

Oh, my God! The priest was so careless that he was broken!

Satisfied? Lancy wrinkled her little face. Rolling her eyes, she continued, "boss, Nina and Kevin are a perfect match? How beautiful the scene is! "The saleslady pointed at the new couple and exclaimed.

She was absolutely not trying to change the topic of their conversation.

Seeing this, the boss smiled with satisfaction. He tried to raise the corners of her mouth in a gentle way. "They are a perfect match?"

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