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   Chapter 137 Nina's Wedding

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After Marvin and Lancy stepped into the hall, they attended the wedding of Nina and Kevin first.

The old men of the Lu family wished they could prepare the best for Lancy and Marvin in the world. The wedding would be perfect if they had enough time.

What's more, she didn't intend to compete with Nina and Kevin before they got married.

Why do you say that? However, it was just because Marvin and Lancy had been in a relationship, and Nina kept worrying. Nina will has this concern, which naturally has her reason.

Even though Nina was unwilling to admit it, it was a fact which couldn't be denied. Deep down, she still felt somewhat unconfident. After all, Lancy was the most legitimate daughter of the family, while she, after the appearance of Lancy, had a delicate position in the Lan Clan, after all, was inferior to her. On the other hand, the Han Clan was really powerful in Alaska, but was still not comparable to the Lu Clan. On the other hand, Marvin had become the head and power of Lu Clan, while Kevin was only an internal heir. Everything was still unknown. Moreover, with no information, adding that Grandpa's love to Lancy...

Therefore, it was natural for Nina to worry that their wedding date might be snatched before hers. Although she was elder sister, she had witnessed many cases.

As the wedding date approached day by day and her grandfather deliberately arranged the wedding without inviting the guests, Nina was finally at ease.

And the day finally came.

It was a very auspicious day. The Lord of the two clans personally picked it up with the words of "Nina" and "Kevin".

Nina looked out of the window at the blue sky with a bright smile. 'what a good day!' she thought~

Her long black hair fell on her shoulder. Jill stood behind her. She decided to comb her daughter's hair on the day of her wedding. It was a custom in Alaska. ...

Looking at her pretty and delicate face in the mirror, Jill felt elated and proud while fondling her daughter's silky hair! "My mother has told me that Nina is very lucky,"

Jill has never been able to put on the wedding dress in her whole life. She tries her best to enter the Lan Clan and ends up being a living widow. Although he finally enjoyed the luxury and wealth and entered the upper class, She was still looked down upon by the rich women.

Jill was not lost in wealth at all. She should also thank those who spoke ill of her behind her back for all these years. It was them that made her calm down.

Jill knew that no matter how well she got along with them on the surface, they never regarded her as a real "inner circle". In the eyes of those people, she was at most a clown.

Now that her daughter enters the Hun Clan! She was not his mistress anymore, but his legitimate wife! My son-in-law is not a branch of the Hun Clan, but the eldest son,

d that was enough for Nina to forgive him and everything.

Nina stared at Kevin fondly. This man was the man she would rely on for her whole life. He was her man, and she was his woman. No woman could refuse such a sense of belonging, and Nina was no exception.

From being held by Kevin to the church, everything was so unreal and happy. Finally, the bell rang and the ceremony began.

Every woman has such dream. With the blessing of their family and friends, the bride walked step by step towards the man they loved most in their life, who was witnessed by the priest.

Nina stared at Kevin and held her grandfather's arm subconsciously. She couldn't see him at the first sight, but she felt like it was a long time before the end.

Her mouth slightly opened and she took a deep breath cautiously. At the same time, Nina was extremely nervous, afraid that she would make mistakes.

"Don't be nervous, I'm here." Mr. Lakin whispered with eyes looking straight ahead

Although Mr. Lakin didn't like Jill and wasn't satisfied with Nina's character and behaviors, he had watched Nina grow up. After all, he was her grandpa, so how could a grandpa not love his granddaughter?

Just like Lancy and Nina, on the day of their marriage without father, they could only be held by their grandfather, handing their lives to another man.

Since then, Mr. Lakin had forgiven rosy. He lovingly patted Nina's hand to remind her to relax. No matter how she got on with Kevin, what happened to them only hoped that they could live happily together.

"Grandfather..." Nina's eyes were red. Grandfather hadn't talked to her in such a tone for a long time. She thought that grandfather no longer liked her.

Tears welled up in Nina's eyes. She choked with sobs and didn't know what to say.

Mr. Lakin sighed, "Today is a big day. Don't cry. Nina, this is your choice. Live happily in the future. "

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