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   Chapter 136 Boss, I Was Wrong

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The undoubted tone made Lancy raise her head reflexively. Oh, God, she was so obedient that she couldn't be more obedient. Staring at Marvin with her misty eyes, she felt wronged and asked quietly, "what's wrong with you?

Well, if she said something wrong before, she would not say it again. Okay. There was a saying that one go in one vigorous effort, and another decline followed. Now Lancy was like a thoroughly frustrated ball, not to mention a "fighting ability".

"I'm not angry with you. But do you really think I'm such a narrow-minded person in your eyes, Lancy?" Upon hearing this, Marvin didn't know what to say anymore. He didn't do anything to hurt her when he recalled the past, did he?

In fact, she really wanted to nod... It was a world with looking at people's faces. People with fiendish appearance would be scared? Lancy glanced at the handsome face of his boss and found that his face was similar to that of a man who was scared to death immediately~

All right, Lancy admitted that she was a coward, especially in front of the boss. This could be described as a history of her blood and tears, which were also the words of her female boss.

With Marvin's mouth twitched, Lancy had already answered him with an undisguised expression on her face. "I really don't know if you are timid or dull. You are not afraid when it is time for you to be afraid, and when it is time for you not to be afraid, you even want to hide from me. You're really torturing me."

But he still felt sexually excited about her praise? How spoiled his voice was~~

In fact, most of the time, Lancy was not afraid of Marvin at all. But now, it was different. She was wrong, wasn't she? "Boss, are you really not angry? The words I just said, and Haven't you forgotten that you left me? Aren't you angry with me? " However, Lancy was uneasy. After comparison, she could not imagine that one day Ray and Rani would completely forget her, she would go crazy.

In her heart, husband and wife were the closest and most important person in each other's life. Parents would leave her one day, and their children would also belong to their own life. Only husband and wife would live together for the rest of their lives.

It was just like an oath held when they got married. Whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, they would take care of her, love her, protect her and respect her for the rest of their lives. At last, they would never leave each other all their lives.

Although Lancy didn't know what happened six years ago, she thought she had abandoned him as a bystander and boss? In the past six years, his boss always guarded the empty room... 'Oh, it probably means that he has lived a hard life, just like he is still single.'~

Seeing that Lancy almost buried her head into the earth, Marvin didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. In fact, he felt wa

e had been called honey. How shameful was it?

'Dear Lancy, you can't stand it anymore. What should you do next?'? Marvin hugged her tightly. A couple's love was more complicated than calling that. Ray and Rani are the most persuasive "results".

The man couldn't help thinking of that night six years ago. Marvin lifted the quilt with one hand and said. He touched her smooth and white neck with his other hand and said, "it has been six years. Why are you still so shy... I still remember that night. You were also like this. Your body was so red that it went red... "

…… Oh, my God! She was dying! Lancy couldn't help but roar! Although she might be a little dull, but... The way the boss talked to her was so ambiguous that she had a lot of illusions. In her mind, she even started to picture how they were having sex openly... Hearing this, Lancy was brimming with tears. Boss, I have told you. I do understand. Did you tell me whether the twins were born?

"As sweet as usual..."

He sighed, which was still fresh in his mind, and Lancy finally understood what he meant. Her face flushed red because of his constant actions. Finally, Lancy couldn't bear anymore, threw herself out of the quilt and covered his mouth.

"Stop it!" Although she had become a wife legally, she was still a virgin psychologically?

Whoops, things seemed to be interesting~

Just as Lancy thought she had succeeded and relieved, she suddenly felt the hot water on her palms, including the softness... When she realized that it was a man's lips and tongue, she was shocked.

The boss actually licked her hand like a little dog. The girl was stiff all over, looking at him blankly. This is definitely not an aloof boss, absolutely not!

Boss, are you trying to blow up? Ah, ah, ah, come back please~

Lancy thought that she had suffered too much today. She might as well pass out happily? She made up her mind

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