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   Chapter 135 Don't Be Afraid Of Me

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9884

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When the news of the marriage between the Lu Clan and the Lan Clan was announced officially, the commoners were very calm.

Oh, the Lu Clan again?

Was he going to be engaged again?

Who are the members of the two families again?

The onlookers slowly carried the bench and ate melon seeds, without the excitement and excitement of the previous times Within two months, similar news came out from the Lu Clan over and over again. Every time they don't got married, all the excitement and expectation were gone.

Have you ever heard of a wolf coming? Once, twice, three times. Once again, no one would believe it no matter how noisy it was. However, these two things are different. Even if they couldn't get married in the future, they would look forward to it.

'what the hell? A passer-by spat out melon seed skin. Didn't he see the crowd place bets there? They had just bet on it for three days, five days and seven days from the moment the news of the marriage between the two clans was exposed to 'over'? Anyway, it would only take a month to sum up the previous experience.

There was no difference between gossip and reality. As long as it could amuse them, everything would be fine.

However, the more he read, the more suspicious he felt? The mysterious Marvin had been working for a long time, how come it was said that the old man of the Lu and Lan families would personally plan the wedding? The two big shots went there in person, which meant this would not become a farce again.

At this moment, some people realized that Nina was the only daughter of the Lan Clan? Nina had just engaged with the young master of the Han Clan. How could it be possible for Lan Clan to have an another daughter?

These were only the doubts of ordinary people, but the people in same circle are different. It has been said for a long time that this circle is much smaller than people think, but the news, big and small, is spreading at an amazing speed.

To this day, Lancy was no longer a secret in the circle. With the exposure of her relationship with the president of the Wilson Group, more and more people paid attention to her secretly.

She was the only grandchild of the Lan Clan and the favorite granddaughter of Lakin. There are many "discordant" voices made by people with jealous, those who doubt Lancy's blood (such as counterfeiting), those who attack her years in the blank, those who attack her first pregnancy before marriage, and those who attack Ray and Rani.

Not long ago, Mr. Sidney finally declared that the news was spread from a family which was on good terms with the Lu Clan. It was said that Mr. Lakin confirmed it personally.

And then with the "family feast" of the Lu Clan that day. It's highly credible.

It turned out that the eldest granddaughter of the Lan Clan had been in collusion with the master of the Lu Clan six years ago. She was always concealed from the truth for some reason, not knowing why, un

tent boss also had the 'emergency' time? Her cheeks bulged up, and her crystal like eyes flashed with a trace of grievance and shyness. The girl bowed her head and fiddled with her fingers, muttering, "I mean there is no process!"

Marvin was surprised by Lancy's reaction. This was totally different from his expectation. He had guessed countless possibilities, but this one was the last one he expected. "No process?" After repeating what Lancy had said, Marvin looked at Lancy thoughtfully.

Embarrassed to the extreme, Lancy decided to fight back. Putting her hands on her waist, she retorted sheepishly, "Yes, It hasn't process. How could I accept this? She doesn't even remember how she met him. When did they start a relationship? Damn it. After a blank, they become husband and wife directly. Can't they slow down...

Lancy felt wronged. Why did he always pull a long face? Did she do it on purpose? Could you please be more tolerant of the patient? After all, she was his wife. What could he do to her?

What special treatment? He should be more gentle, considerate and inclusive All right. All that he needed to do was to give her a little more time. She would be satisfied if he doesn't keep pulling a long face.

Girl, haven't you said you have a full confidence? But what about the counterattack? Your request is too small to be a question.

As Lancy mumbled, Marvin's eyes softened and his cold features softened. Sitting on the bedside, he gazed at her silently.

Under the gaze of the man too intently, Lancy couldn't continue, so she had to stare at his eyes. What did the boss mean by remained silent? Was he happy, angry or gloomy? Marvin didn't say a word, but his smile made people feel uneasy. Biting her lip, Lancy was full of tears silently. She really wanted to say, "can you give me a quick cut?"?

"Are you so afraid of me?" However, before she could take a step backward, Marvin grabbed her hand and shouted, "Lancy, look at me!"

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