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   Chapter 134 The Evidence Of Getting Married

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There really was!

Lancy was so surprised that her mouth could not close. Her hands trembled to take the red marriage certificate. She squinted and opened it. Her eyes widened.

Marvin was speechless and laughable. How could she be so close to that? How shocked and unbelievable it was?

Zero distance contact between Lancy and the red marriage certificate. Her big and bright eyes were filled with curiosity. It was so strange that the woman in front of her was exactly herself! She held the marriage certificate in one hand and showed it to Marvin. The identification was right. But when did this happen? She couldn't remember at all

Lancy raised her eyes to look at Marvin by reflex. As soon as she saw him, she withdrew her sight immediately. Touched the marriage certificate with her hand sulkily, she mumbled, "we're really married..." A sense of inexplicable guilt came over her. She was absolutely the first woman in the world who could forget her own husband in marriage?

The second time Lancy found herself more unreliable than she thought Lancy became thoroughly scared. She could not help but say, "boss, I'm sorry for you!

Did Marvin know it was a scam? Seeing how miserable the lying girl was, she almost felt guilty to death.

The girl who had done the wrong thing didn't have the courage to straighten up. She didn't dare to face the boss.

The onlookers were rendered speechless. Ray and Rani didn't show any expression on their faces. How silly they were. How can they hope for Mommy?

'Dear mommy, are you really so confident in it? Looking back to the first time she met with Daddy till now, there were many flaws, OK?

Mr. Lakin raised his eyebrows a bit and decided to skip the question. Anyway, since his granddaughter had no objection to the wedding, he thought it was a good idea and decided to adopt the self consolation methods.

Sidney took the marriage license from Lancy, looked in it from left to right, and shook his head with a smile. Lancy's photo and Marvin's photo were well matched, without Photoshop marks and excellent skills. Such a silly granddaughter, it could be seen from the photo that it was her recent photo...

"So, boss is the baby's father, the real father?" All of a sudden, Lancy clapped her hands and was suddenly enlightened. It explained why his boss was so nice to them.

…… Was she already unable to speak? Ray covered his stomach with his hands and his face was distorted. He didn't want to see more people because of the stomachache.

Rani opened her mouth wide, jaw slack. She took a glance at the great grandfather... She instantly balanced herself.

'Is Lancy serious?' Mr. Sidney thought. Is she really serious? It turned out that she just knew the truth now?

'Oh! It's suddenly enlightened! What's the matter? Lakin touched his face. He suddenly felt sorry for his grandson in law who had been recognized in the future. Alas, he should be more lenient in the future.

The original intention of Lakin really wanted to keep Lancy stay for two more years. Through the call with Mr. Sidney, he learnt about the internal situation of the Lu Clan. He also understood that the matter

Sidney. He was the best in wisdom, cunning, trickery and courage. In addition, his family background and his born were impeccable.

However, it was impeccable, and that didn't mean it was complete. Until this moment, his life was finally complete.

Being a father and a husband, as the ancients said, it's the right way for a man to have a family and a career... Sidney will wake up with a smile in his dream. His only worried grandson now makes up all the gaps in one breath... He was thrilled.

Mr. Sidney's mood was really weird?

Relatively simple mood is two little buns. Anyway, they had lived with his parents for such a long time and they was used to it. Besides, they had noticed how much his dad cared about his mom. They had already expected such an ending.

Rani and Ray would not admit that as expected, the ending would be divided into happiness and misery. Now, both of them had forgotten all his guesses. It was reasonable for mommy and daddy to be together as long as they were happy. Ah, daddy and Mommy are a perfect couple.

…… Lancy felt a stomachache, and wanted to teach them a lesson? Where was the agreed moral integrity and the agreed bottom line. Is it delicious?

The babies licked their lips and said it was delicious. They didn't want to eat with them together?

"Are we two flower kids?" Raising her hands, Rani asked.

"Of course." Mr. Lakin replied in a second. There was no second choice.

Ray and Rani were the most adorable. No one was more suitable than them. What they were carrying was a blessing in disguise, twins.

Ray poked his face and frowned. The flower boy need to wear a little suit to overwork? "Please don't tie!" Ray pleaded. For the sake of his mother and father, he didn't raise other requests.

"You are so smart!" Mr. Sidney lovingly touched Ray's nose.

Since Marvin and Lancy got married in such a pleasant atmosphere, they were all calm and relieved. Both families' grandpa said that they were right to be calm. They only needed to do one thing well.

Yes? There was no need to ask? As long as they showed up on the wedding day~

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