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   Chapter 133 Mommy, I'm Sorry

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9273

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Lancy looked at Joyce up and down. She was ruddy and her eyes were bright. She was relieved except for the wound which was as red as usual. "I was scared to death. Luckily, you are all right."

"Mommy, I'm sorry."

"That's good. That's good. You and Ray, be good." Lancy's heart was still fluttering with fear. She had never thought that she would lose this pair of love one day. If that day really came Hearing that, Lancy felt her heart tightened and shook her head hard. She could not imagine what would happen next.

Lancy held her daughter tightly in her arms, feeling so warm and sticky. Soon, Ray joined in the line. Although he was forced to do that, Lancy was so pleased that Lancy forgot what happened before.

However, there seemed to be something that couldn't be forgotten It seemed that he could never forget her?

When people forgot something, they didn't realize that they just couldn't let it go.

When Mr. Sidney and Mr. Lakin got to know that Lancy and her daughter had recovered, they were in a better mood. They had a joyful conversation.

In fact, it was not difficult to understand such a feeling. The problem was Holding her head with her hands, Lancy looked at Mr. Sidney and Mr. Lakin with confusion on her face from time to time. Was it her illusion? She always felt that the expressions of Mr. Sidney and Mr. Lakin were strange. She always smiled at her. What was wrong with her?

Was her clothes worn in the opposite direction or did she forget to put on socks?

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but feel confused. Covering her face with her hands, the two little buns could not see clearly what she was doing. She was almost about to cry because of her Mommy's foolishness. Did she really forget all the previous memories? 'Am I really a horrible man?'? It's a matter of marriage. Do you think you really don't care about it?

Well, Mommy is a female. She is indeed a great husband.

"Lancy, do you have any idea about your wedding with Marvin?" Mr. Lakin narrowed his eyes into slits. He had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Sidney. And now he even began to call him Marvin.

Even when Mr. Lakin knew that Marvin was the twins' father, he still called him Mr. Marvin firmly It was so weird now.

Hearing that, Lancy's good-looking eyebrows twitched. Lancy was greatly shocked. Her grandfather called the boss what? It was Marvin? The girl's face twisted a little and looked at Marvin nervously. Could she say that she had a stomachache?

A weirder thing happened. Marvin just raised his eyebrows, accepted it happily, with delight in his eyes.

Lancy was totally bad. Was it because she was bad or Marvin or everyone else?

…… Well, it doesn't matter? The point is who you are, isn't it? At ordinary times, Lancy dug

a lost memory Besides, Marvin had a long history. If anyone wanted to make a judgement, he would think that Lancy had done something wrong.

Ray and Rani widened their eyes. They couldn't believe that their mommy was persuaded to give up that easily? She should have questioned him at least.

So weak

Too weak

You are so lame

Alas Someone sighed and thought, 'intelligence is a weak thing. No matter how much I eat, I can't think it through.'.

So, what happened? Lancy shivered as she suddenly felt a little cold. To everyone's disappointment, she bribed back, "I want the marriage certificate."

'Wow! What a ball!'! This attack was just in time! Mr. Lakin was unable to be killed within a second, and she had to fight back if she was swollen? One move and a half move?

Well, Mr. Lakin, you are so confident in your dear granddaughter One move and half move? What the hell was that?

Yun canglan and Yun Qi nodded their heads repeatedly. They had to check the IDs of Yun canglan. Nowadays, there shouldn't be too many false testimonies Mommy said with caution.

'so, do they want to make a fool of their father? What is the truth? How interesting!'. Ray and Rani's eyes had already betrayed their thoughts.

Actually, Lancy didn't think too much. And they didn't do that. It was just out of curiosity. She hadn't seen their marriage certificate Moreover, the photo of her boss and herself was on the marriage certificate. It was too amazing and amazing.

With a trace of ridicule in his eyes, he knew she would be curious. After all, he was always well prepared. Fortunately, Luke had already sent her related identification.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, and under all sorts of inconceivable gazes, the hot marriage certificate was revealed According to Marvin, the aura would last for a long time – six years.

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