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   Chapter 132 Petty Buns

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After Marvin left the ward, Rani opened her eyes which were closed. She smiled broadly and stuck her tongue out at her brother. "I am almost asleep."

Ray rubbed his eyes and couldn't help smiling. He didn't look sad at all. Moreover, the baby's eyes were red because Ray rubbed them?

…… 'Damn it! If I were Mrs. Wilson, I would be dead!'! 'what if he is in coma? What about a concussion? The shock of this scene was definitely not less than the fake corpses.

The fake corpse hopped out of the bed and rubbed her head. Rani felt a sharp pain in her head. But it was worth slandering Mrs. Wilson.

That was unbearable! The two little bun twitched the corners of their mouths darkly. Those who tried to rape and manipulate mommy and Daddy were simply crazy and crazy. Nobody could endure them. If it weren't for the fact that Daddy could resist the temptation and lure, their whole family would be ruined?

The two babies ganged up on Mrs. Wilson, getting her into trouble.

The baby, Rani, put on an innocent look and replied, "No, I'm not. I'll be thrown out by Mrs. Wilson?

Please go with the lens and go back to the moment when Rani was thrown out. Oh, please allow your lovely face to make a face with the trace of a downward parabola and buy a cute one

At that moment, Rani was shocked. In the air, she looked up at the ceiling and didn't expect herself to be thrown out like a basketball, a football, slam ball To be honest, such experience was very rare, and absolutely hard to get But Megan, swollen?

At that moment, Rani made up her mind and closed her eyes. Yes, I'm ready. Come on, it's nothing more than a concussion. I'm just worried that I won't have a chance to take revenge! '! It must be enjoying, wasn't it?

Anyway, it was Jean who took the initiative to give Maranda the chance. It was said that at a very young age, Rani was a cunning girl. Rani thought to herself, 'Elsa, Elsa and Elsa just called me a little white flower. They are black sesame seeds seeds

In another word, if Mom and Dad were set up, they could still be indifferent. How could they treat a man as a girl? More importantly, Mrs. Wilson did throw Rani out herself. She didn't do anything wrong. She didn't think a six-year-old could do such a thing?

The only two little babies' hands and feet were about to be caught by her daddy, one hit Marvin and the other used all her strength to control her body in the air and deviated her body from the opposite angle and hit her forehead on purpose.

As a matter of fact, her brother, Ray was quite innocent. When he saw the parabolic line, he was scared to death and completely forgot that he could hold his sister steadily at a distance and angle (also if Rani didn't act naughtily) and forgot that even with his petite body, he couldn't catch his sister

In a blink of an eye, Ray, who took the lead in rushing out, bumped into his father.

As a matt

's side face. "MUA..."

They were all passionate and loved

Upon hearing this, Marvin's eyes brightened. He looked down at his daughter in surprise. 'I'm so flattered. That's so surprising!' he thought! However, these emotions only lasted for a second before Edward accepted happily. With his cold eyes covered with a layer of warm gauze, he held his daughter even tighter subconsciously.

No wonder people always said that daughters were the apple of their parents' eye Compared to his smelly son, his soft daughter was truly more lovable.

The baby, Ray, opened his dark eyes, motionless. He was rejected It was unfair that he preferred girls to boys! 'My face has swelled up and became expressionless. Is it my fault? He wanted to be more like his mommy with the same daddy, which he hadn't inherited yet!

Why did the father and the son dislike each other?

A few hours later, Lancy finally woke up. When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was in a hospital. She sprang up from the bed. "Rani!"

"Mommy, I'm here." Seeing that her mother was awake, Rani's face lit up. In a split second, she kicked off her shoes, jumped onto the bed and pulled Lancy into her arms. They stood face to face. "Mommy, I'm fine. I'm all right. Mommy, I'm worried."

Rani rubbed her mother's cold cheek with her own soft cheeks. That was the unique way between a mother and a son to comfort their children.

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but feel that her daughter's temperature was so real. Holding her little face in her hands, she stared at it for quite a while before she was sure that her daughter had waken up, jumping happily as if she had really recovered? Her slender fingers stroked the bandage on her forehead back and forth. Lancy frowned as if she could feel the pain. "Still hurt?"

"No, it doesn't hurt at all. I took the medicine." The baby, Rani, shook his head. It didn't hurt at all. He was the bravest baby.

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