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   Chapter 131 Who Is The Weeds

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Mr.Lakin was so angry with this "capable" old lady. He treated Mrs. Wilson differently. In fact, Mrs. Wilson was not like this. She was pushed by the current situation, so she lost her elegance.

"You're qualified to abuse the granddaughter of the Lan Clan. But I'm not allowed to do that." Mr.Lakin sneered at both of them. "I don't know since when my granddaughter will become someone else's mistress? And humble weeds? Are you from the royal family? Who do you think you are? You are so noble and unattainable! "

Even though Mrs. Wilson had never met Mr.Lakin, she had heard of his name! In Alaska, the only person who could compete with Lu Clan must be Lan Clan.

The selecting of a daughter from an eminent family should be the first one for Lan Clan, but Mrs. Wilson was the first one to make the decision. For one thing, the Lan Clan was too well matched and powerful, so she didn't want to find a noble wife for Marvin. For another, as far as she knew, Nina was not from a noble blood, the only daughter of the Lan Clan's grandson. Her mother was not from a noble family, so Mrs. Wilson didn't like her.

As a result, Mrs. Wilson couldn't think straight.

When did the granddaughter of the Lan Clan appear? Didn't she die a long time ago?

Mr. Sidney cast a disdainful glance at his wife and apologized sincerely, "It's my wife's fault. On behalf of the entire Lu Clan, I apologize to you. Lancy is a good girl. "

So, inside Mr. Sidney, is this Mr. Sidney? Looking at Mr. Sidney up and down secretly, Mr.Lakin overheard lots of things about him, but they never met each other. Who would have thought that they would meet in such an occasion? Lowering his head, he apologized. After all, Mr.Lakin's attitude had softened a lot.

"I accept the apology from Lu Clan." Mr.Lakin nodded slightly and apologized to him as Mr. Sidney. It was not a bad deal. Besides, if he really did that to Lancy, she would be in a dilemma in the future. 'It's good that I put up with this. Lu Clan owe us a lot, ' he thought. "How are Lancy and Rani?"

"Nothing serious." Marvin repeated what the doctor said to him. "Rani, stay in the hospital for some observation. I'm worried that she has a slight concussion."

cerebral concussion? With his pupils shrinking, Mr.Lakin took a deep look at Mrs. Wilson and said, "I'm so surprised that there are all sorts of wonders in the world. I really admire you."

"I..." Mrs. Wilson wanted to retort, but was stopped by her husband who gave her a cold stare.

Mr. Sidney was so delighted that he even noticed Marvin who was frequently glancing at the ward. "I'm looking for an opportunity to pay a visit," he replied, his eyes sparkling with hope

"Really?" There was a murderous look in Mr.Lakin's eyes. When their eyes met for a short moment, the two ruler simultaneously revealed an understanding smile.

It was better to come across each other than to invite him. This was really a good opportunity to discuss big things.

'Why didn't I know their real intention?' Mrs. Wilson was worried. "Sidney couldn't..."

o was the most relaxed.

She had never showed up at the family feast. When she knew that Mr. Sidney would show up, her indifferent face changed a little. But soon she became calm again. He took off the dress that made her a little uncomfortable and returned to her attic.

It was Wilson's brutality that forced Sherry to move back to the attic. After that, he ordered someone to remove the eyesore immediately. In the Lu Clan, this attic was the only place that Sherry was satisfied with. It was quiet.

She looked around, and then looked back at the Buddhist texts, her eyes dull. This building was owned by her father-in-law when she married into Lu Clan many years ago. Since the Lu Clan didn't have a son, her father-in-law decided to let her live here.

At that time, Wilson was overwhelmed by an unexpected favor. He even thought it was autumn who made his newly married wife wife "bring him more happiness.

Later After his son Marvin took charge of the Lu Clan, this building was completely unoccupied. In theory, as the mother of the new head of the family, it was normal for her to continue to live here. However, Sherry was completely reluctant to live here, because there were too many memories she did not want to recall.

The stubborn Sherry moved out and would rather live in that cottage. At that time, Wilson and Sherry didn't get along well with each other, which made it impossible for him to stay in the attic any longer. However, the only qualified person in the family, Marvin moved out of the building, which remained silent for ten years.

How time flies! His child has grown up. With her eyelids drooped, Sherry couldn't help but think of the boy and girl twins. Although she refused to go downstairs, she saw them hiding in a corner upstairs.

Jonny was so round and cute, just like him. At the first glance, Sherry couldn't forget what a pair of babies looked like.

Sherry suddenly came back to reality and snickered. What did she want to do? What happened to those people had nothing to do with her

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