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   Chapter 130 Who Dares To Bully My Granddaughter

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9754

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Mr. Sidney's eyes were fixed on his wife. She looked the same as he remembered. "You lead a good life without me." In fact, it was because he was not here that she dared not to be restricted and had no scruples. She had led a rather comfortable and complacent life in the past ten years, hadn't she?

With a frown, Mrs. Wilson felt more complicated than ever. Yes, she did have a better life without him, but they were husband and wife, and they wanted to be together till the end of their lives! How did they get to this point?

Mrs. Wilson went into a trance for a moment. The past was still vivid in her mind. When she looked back, she felt as if a knife were piercing her heart. It was his fault. She treated him with all her heart, but he became increasingly cold and harsh to her. The conflict between them was deepened until the appearance of that woman They had finally reached an irreconcilable state.

Since then, his husband would never get angry with her, neither would he blame her, nor would he glare at her. At this moment, Mrs. Wilson finally knew what politeness was like.

At that time, Mrs. Wilson thought that she had enough time to melt his heart and let him see her heart for a long time. However, it all happened too fast. None of them had expected that! All of a sudden, he announced that he would retire. Then he passed the daughter of the first and the son of the concubine and let Marvin take control of Croft by force. Without any preparation, all the people were involved in the fight.

Mrs. Wilson had taken part in their plan. It was not her fault. She had already acted on thin ice since she had no son. She only had one daughter, and that was Julie. How could she not fight for her daughter? Besides, that was what Julie deserved.

After she settled down, her husband left without any explanation, even without saying goodbye.

They had been separated for ten years. He hadn't seen her even when she had visited him in person ten years ago Mrs. Wilson loved him, but she hated him more!

"Yes, you are living a great life without me." Mrs. Wilson clenched her fists and felt that her anger was about to erupt.

"You're right. We could have carried on our plan. But the rats hiding in the shadows are getting more and more unscrupulous. If we hadn't teach them a lesson, they would have been dead on the roof of our house," Mr. Sidney answered coldly, narrowing his eyes

Mrs. Wilson's face darkened. Mr. Sidney always treated her with good manners, but this was the first time he had rebuked her in public! He referred to her as a locust and a mouse? "How is Charlie now? What did the doctor say? "

"He won't die." He answered simply.

Mrs. Wilson was so angry that her chest was filled with rage. "Do you really think I did it on purpose? No matter how I dislike that woman, I won't hurt a child. " What's more, there were so many people around. Did he really think

ough it was a principle that a good man did not fight a woman, and it was an old woman that his opponent was, everyone had an insurmountable bottom line. The dragons had reverse scales. They didn't even allow someone and things to be mentioned.

She felt as if they were a match for Mr. Sidney.

Mr. Sidney recognized him. The famous Mr. Lakin. Many years ago, he had seen him in Florence. Unfortunately, when the Lan Clan moved to Alaska, he had already retired and had no chance to meet him.

Mr. Lakin and Lancy ... Mr. Sidney thought of a way to connect them. Because he didn't tell her that Lancy was the daughter of the Lan Clan.

Mr. Sidney had heard about the accident that year in Lan Clan. That was why he only knew that there was a woman named Nina in Lan Clan now. He had never thought that the last name of Lancy was related to Lan Clan.

"Mr. Lakin." After Marvin revealed who he was, Marvin was not surprised at all. Marvin was the one who informed Mr. Lakin. It was an accident, there was no reason to hide it from Mr. Lakin.

When Mr. Lakin heard these words, he snorted angrily. He had taken good care of them, but now they were sent to the hospital. How could Mr. Lakin not be angry? When he arrived at the hospital, his heart was filled with worries and unhappiness. But what he heard made him even more angry.

Is that the famous Mrs. Wilson? Sure enough, as it was said, she was a cunning woman. That bitch, bastard or whatever you said was true shrew, wasn't it? He didn't know how to react!

The more Mr. Lakin thought about it, the angrier he got. Did his precious granddaughter and grandson, who he doted on most, be treated like this in the Lu Clan?

"Who are you?" As a woman, Mrs. Wilson had never seen Mr. Lakin before. She just thought that this man was so unruly and would break the rules of others easily. He didn't behave well at all. "What right do you have to intervene in our family affairs?"

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