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   Chapter 129 Mr. Sidney Came On The Stage

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"Mr. Sidney." Mr. Elvis was so excited that his lips were trembling. It took a long time for him to make a voice. "You, you What can I do for you? "

Mr. Elvis's surname was Lu, and the two of them were actually brothers. Many years ago, when Mr. Sidney was travelling in the world, he had a very great admiration for Mr. Sidney so he didn't want to be called Mr. Lu. Instead, he was named "brother" by most people. Since then, people regarded him as "Mr. Elvis" and "Elvis" instead of "XX" in the past.

And Mr. Elvis was more willing to address him as "Mr. Sidney" instead of "brother". It was not because he was not familiar with Mr. Sidney, but because he thought he was not qualified How could ordinary people stand side by side with "God"?

Mr. Sidney has feelings for Mr. Elvis, but they have no choice! Decades passed, Elvis still remained the same. It's okay to call him lord, but it's okay to get excited to see him. It's been decades, and his bright eyes almost went blind?

But Mr. Sidney was still very moved when he saw the concerned expression on Elvis's face. There are so many conflicts and conflicts between us. It's rare to have a younger brother like Elvis! As early as decades ago, he knew that Elvis was extremely loyal to him and would never betray him.

The torrent of time had proven this point.

"You look exactly the same as before. You don't look like a family member at all." Although it was a branch, it was still branch of the Hua family, and it could be called the head of the family. Moreover, Elvis was the "leader" of the other branch, which represented his authority.

Mr. Elvis smiled and touched the back of his head. "Don't make fun of me, Mr. Sidney. In my heart, you are the host, not the master."

Mr. Sidney shook his head, annoyed. He stared at the family through the window, his face gloomy. "Be a family, be a family It's not easy to be a family member. "

Mr. Elvis fell into silence. He was the first person who supported Mr. Sidney in that year's decision. Although the outside world had a lot of doubts, he believed that Mr. Sidney must have thought about it carefully. All these years, Marvin has also proved his actual strength and Mr. Sidney's insight in choosing a successor.

Indeed, in all the families present, only Marvin was the most suitable person to shouldered the responsibility of Lu Clan! Mr. Elvis had been impressed by Marvin more than once and that Mr. Sidney was far sighted as he had seen the potential of the new master ten years ago.

At the same time, Mr. Elvis admired Marvin from the bottom of his heart. It had to be said that Marvin really looked like Mr. Sidney. No, he was colder, more indifferent and more compliant than Andrew. He was a natural leader who couldn't see through him. He hadn't been in charge of Wilson Group for many years, so he didn't bring shame on the group. However, he made the group work on the right track, and he was able to deal with the people from the Lu Clan with ease.

He was a horrible man! However, the people hiding in the dark could actually be safe and soun

the assassins Could he say that he was a little excited? It had been silent for so many years. Austin didn't expect that he would get a chance to fight with them!

The younger generation on the side had endured for a long time. No one wanted to say something like that all their lives? What's more, they obviously had the strength, and who didn't want to show up in front of the master and become his backbone?

They had been waiting for a long time

Mrs. Wilson didn't know and didn't care about it at all. Obviously, they were trying to flatter Mr. Sidney. Over the years, Mrs. Wilson has never relaxed the control of the branches of the Qin family. The branches of the Qin family, even younger than the branches of the Gu family, have declined long ago. It can't be regarded as a threat at all.

The reason why she had always been on guard against them was that the reckless elders led by Mr. Elvis were all afraid of them.

What's more, the anxious old lady, Mrs. Wilson, was not in the mood to care about others. She was well prepared for it. When facing him, she would unconsciously be nervous or timid.

"My Lord." Mrs. Wilson's voice was hoarse. God knew how hard it was for her to say the word. They hadn't seen each other for a long time. He was old It was not until now that Carla had the chance to look at Terence up and down. Ten years had passed. Within a blink of an eye, ten years had passed.

She had gathered up what she wanted to say for ten years, but when it was time, she could not say a word. Facing him, Mrs. Wilson was neither far nor near.

Mrs. Wilson should have been the closest couple, but they were even stranger than strangers. They didn't even say polite words.

"What are you doing here?" It was hard to tell whether Mr. Sidney was angry or not from his face.

'Is this the first time he said to me after ten years? 'What am I doing here? Why does he ask me about it?'? "In the past years, you haven't seen anyone. Now since you've come back, haven't you seen anyone? Even me, your wife, is no exception? "

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