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   Chapter 128 Failed Again

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With a gloomy face, the old man hit the ground with his walking stick. No one knew when he came. Did he see the frightening scene All people breathed. They respected, feared and worshiped the old man. They really didn't expect that they would reunite with him again after ten years.

"Go to the hospital." The old man took a deep look at Mrs. Wilson, which indicated too many things that no one else could understand. However, instead of blaming her immediately, he left the Lu mansion with Marvin.

It was so quiet in the mansion that even the breath of people couldn't be heard.

Until someone who didn't know the old man whispered to ask about his identity.

That was the legendary Mr. Sidney, who was said to have loosened his grip. Mr. Sidney had been living in seclusion for ten years. He had neither stepped into the Lu mansion nor interfered in the affairs of the Lu Clan or the group. No one had expected that he would suddenly appear.

Mr. Elvis was too excited to control himself. Then he was lost in thought. The elders on the second floor stood beside him. Mr. Elvis said in a low voice, "It seems that Mr. Sidney recognizes the new lady and the babies."

As soon as he mentioned this, the smart man immediately understood what he meant. It was just a coincidence that Mr. Sidney showed up in front of them the moment the master and his wife went back home. What's more, when Mr. Sidney saw them, he was neither surprised nor shocked, as if he knew who Melissa was.

Well, now that Mrs. Wilson has already known it, it is impossible for Mr. Sidney not to know it. Moreover, the master of the Lu family is the most intimate with Mr. Sidney, how could he not tell Mr. Sidney about their marriage?

All in all, they guessed that Mr. Sidney came back to support his granddaughter in law, didn't he? In the eyes of the public, Lancy had enjoyed a high position in this family. Lancy was no longer a dispensable woman and she would be the new hostess of the Lu Clan after she was admitted by Mr. Sidney.

With things as such, this so-called "family banquet" came to an end.

"We will go with you." Mr. Elvis rubbed his chin and led his subordinates to follow them. They were so hurried to leave that they had forgotten about the etiquette.

As soon as Mr. Elvis and his companions left, most of the Lu mansion was obviously empty. Those guests who didn't belong to the Luo clan naturally had no reason to stay. One by one of them was dismissed. Soon, all the members of Lu Clan left.

The whole family was uneasy. They didn't know where to go or stay? The anger of Mrs. Wilson and the old master, Mr. Sidney, was too much for them to bear.

More importantly, they didn't want to show up in front of her. However, Mrs. Wilson had been bullying them so hard that they didn't dare to go against her.

The moment Mr. Sidney showed up, the first person to find him was Wilson. His first reaction was not to remind Mrs. Wilson, nor to welcome her

too pitiful, Marvin and Mr. Sidney finally decided to let him go.

Mr. Sidney nodded approvingly as he fondly gazed at Rani's pale face. 'Rani is right to be hospitalized, ' he thought. Then he had to do every test for her. 'What if something happens to my granddaughter, Rani?' he mused Pooh! Pooh! What a bad thing.

Hearing the doctor's words firmly, Lancy was finally relieved. She stood up and said, "thank you, doctor, thank you..." She would have had an intimate contact with the ground if she was not caught by the person next to her.

When she finally could rest assured, all the negative emotions of her body surged to her. Lancy was held by Marvin, and wanted to say something. She felt that her eyes were getting dimmer and dimmer, and then she was wrapped in darkness.

Now it seemed that Jean had to move to a luxury room instead of staying in hospital.

Before Marvin could speak, the doctor's handsome man took her pulse. "Don't worry. She is all right. She must have been scared and sweated. Now, as soon as she relaxed her body, she would be tired. She will be fine after a good sleep."

"I know." Marvin bit his lips. In addition to that, the fear of blood and fear of blood drained her of energy. Luckily this time, she didn't "lose her mind".

'He knows?'? It was none of his business? Of course, he could only groan inwardly that it would be more or less unfair for him to face a man who was more handsome and richer than him, but what could he say? She could do nothing but laugh "Miss Chen will take you to the ward."

The VIP ward And the most advanced one.

In the ward, Marvin looked at the two sleeping people and fell into deep thoughts.

While Mr. Sidney was holding Ray in his arms, patting his back from time to time. He guessed that ray was also frightened?

His calm was destroyed by the guests. When Mr. Sidney saw Mr. Elvis, he looked much better. He put down Ray, walked out of the ward and closed the door conveniently.

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