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   Chapter 127 Boss's Trick

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This was totally different from the education and concept that Ellen had received since her childhood. This woman was really strange. The reason why Ellen could tolerate Lancy as her legitimate wife was that she stood in an absolutely advantageous position. Generally speaking, her tolerance and concession would only be appreciated and sympathized by people, and even win back the heart of a man. However, even if she was meek and aggrieved, people would only see that she had changed her position of the third party, she will never be looked up.

More importantly, she was Ellen, the beloved daughter of Yu clan and the chosen girl of heaven. How could she be reduced to a "third party"? How can she be compared with other disreputable women?

"Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Marvin, I have something else to do. Please allow me to leave." Ellen forced a smile and pretended to be strong. The only thing she could do now was not to cry or to make a concession, and to maintain her dignity and self-esteem.

Marvin nodded his head slightly. He admired Ellen a little. It was not easy for her to do that.

Mrs. Wilson was too disheveled to take care of Ellen. What she wanted to do was just to disappear from the shining company as soon as possible. On the other hand, she didn't want others to see her, except her straight figure.

"Ellen!" Mrs. Wilson called out Ellen's name but her address changed all of a sudden. It was like her own situation that was slapped back in the face.

When Mrs. Wilson looked into Marvin's eyes, his indifference, calmness provoked her. She was so angry that her whole body trembled. Got married? He had married six years ago? Why didn't he tell her earlier? The first time was to break the marriage of Ye Clan. The second time was to let out a six-year-old son. The third time was to let out the news that he was already married. Every time he was forced to do something, there was big news. Over and over again, there was no special information. No one would believe that Marvin didn't do it on purpose!

He, Marvin, had fooled her so round!

"Marvin, my dear grandson, you're so kind. You won't give up if you don't push me to death, will you?" Mrs. Wilson had completely lost her mind. All the guests of the Lu Clan quieted down because of her high pitched voice. She succeeded to attract everyone's attention. "Is this how you treat your grandma? Get married? Hahaha... It's funny. How could you even make up such a lie! You want to punish me for that woman, don't you? "

"Grandma, I'm telling the truth." As for her accusation, Mrs. Wilson didn't even forget to set him up! Therefore, he raised his voice and said, "it's true that I got married with Lancy six years ago. You can't let me divorce her. It's unfair to her! She had been wronged these years. For the sake of the so-called overall interests, she had never had a decent wedding... If you want me to divorce her and marry another man, I won't do that. I promise! "

The man's voice was nei

guests were very worried about them.

Everyone was shocked by the loud sound.

However, Marvin looked a little weird. He gazed at his hand, and something passed his eyes.

"Sister, sister has been bleeding... It's bleeding! " The boy's tense little face turned pale and flustered. His fingertips were stained with bright red blood, and he was at a loss what to do.

However, it was not the right time to think about it, and Marvin was worried about his daughter. He crouched down and watched Rani carefully.

"Daddy, it hurts. It hurts..." The girl was sobbing. She didn't know what had happened but just felt her body hurt so much that she was almost unable to speak.

Of course, Lancy could not consider the blood poisoning. She shivered and held her daughter in her arms, trying her best not to see the unpleasant red blood on her daughter's head. "Good girl. After mommy's breathing, it won't hurt. Good girl! Doctor! Call the doctor! "

Anyone with eyes could see that this mother was so scared. She held the baby tightly in her arms. Just thinking of the moment when the baby was thrown out, she almost lost her soul?

"Sister? Sister? "

Hearing the baby's cry, Lancy immediately felt something was wrong. As she looked down, she found that Rani had stopped crying and was lying in her arms like a lifeless doll. Her little face was bloodless. She bit her lip tightly and frowned. Everyone could see how sad she was. "Rani, Are you okay? Wake up! Don't sleep! Don't scare Mommy! "

Marvin took his daughter from Lancy. He knew that Lancy had reached her limit since she couldn't stand the sight of blood. "Go to the hospital." The man took a deep look at the Mrs. Wilson, turned around and walked out.

As soon as he turned around, Marvin stopped and looked into that man's eyes.

The Mrs. Wilson was still in shock of being condemned by everyone. She stared at that man and fell into the sofa. Why? Why would he come? Why does he come back now? It was all over

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