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   Chapter 126 Crisis And Challenge

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Well, that's quite different

Ellen bit her lip and tried her best to suppress the excitement and ripples in her heart. She seemed to see hope! 'Is Marvin finally moved?'? Was he finally persuaded by her?

As for Mrs. Wilson, she was also excited and impatient. Her heart was pounding and her eyes were shining with excitement, expectation, and encouragement. She encouraged the man to go on with his words carefully, and even one word was enough.

Marvin glanced at them with a hint of smile on his lips: "I finally understand how grandma cared about and worried about me. It was all my fault to make grandma worried all day long."

Mrs. Wilson waved her hands and smiled, "You are my grandson. Who else do I need to worry about? Marvin, you can understand me. All I have done is worth it. We are a family. You shouldn't have parted with your grandma. I'll make sure that you and Ellen will get married and have a good relationship! "

"Grandma, it's all my fault..." The man sighed. The joy of the two women was so abrupt in comparison.

Mrs. Wilson's heart jolted as she heard his words. She knew that he was not the kind of man who would say something like that. However, she didn't take it seriously. She took it as his "late apology". Marvin owned her an apology for what happened to Ye Clan in the past. In such an occasion, he said to her, which would be better and more honorable.

"My boy, I told you not to regard me as an outsider." "As long as you take good care of my granddaughter in law, I will be glad and joyful to see you two get on well with each other," Mrs. Wilson joked, as she took hold of Ellen's hand

Ellen was soaked in the honey jar, exuding a "sweet" breath from inside. She was so shy that she wished only she could squeeze herself into a seam on the ground, "Grandma!" This intonation so sweet, the little girl's posture is sufficient.

"Okay, okay. I won't say it again." The Mrs. Wilson covered her mouth with a hand.

Marvin looked coldly at the two women. Their expressions couldn't be calm for three seconds. It was too early to be complacent? Didn't he finish his words? Were they too impatient?

"Here, please tell me secretly what your wedding is like, Ellen." As if Mrs. Wilson had forgotten about Rani.

Holding her bright red face, Ellen looked at Marvin tenderly. The moment their eyes met, she lowered her eyes in a hurry and said, "It is up to Marvin"

She just pictured the "grandson" in her mind, and now the "wedding" in her mind.

Ray's little face looked very bleak. As Rani was pretending to be asleep, their gritted their teeth and felt their heart sinking into the depths of despair, deeper and deeper... 'Daddy, are you really wavering?

At the same time, th

she feel excited? 'what the fuck! Is the feeling of being deceived stronger and stronger?'?

Mommy, when did that happen? Ray and Rani don't know? Don't you know? Please explain, soothe me, please!

The glazed Lancy's eyes stared at the back of Marvin, wishing to see something. When did she get married? Oh, my God. My dear daughter and son. I really have no idea of that!

"We got married six years ago, but we didn't hold a wedding ceremony," He didn't want to end this yet, so he attacked them again The truth was that they just randomly provoked his boss and kept challenging his bottom line. This was the result of their boss -- his boss would magnify his moves, the real ones!

'what an awesome skill.

It had been six years since they got married. Mrs. Wilson told herself that it was too much to tell. She needed to do something, and Mrs. Wilson was sweating. Her heart was almost overwhelmed.

And for Ellen, her face was as pale as a ghost's, and so pale. Step by step is to compromise, all of which must be based on one foundation, unmarried men and women.

It was true that she was unmarried, but she had never thought that the man had already been married six years ago! Ellen ask herself again and again. What was she doing now? Selling herself to a married man? Is she trying to destroy someone's family openly? Or to be the other woman? And she shamelessly said she would accept his wife?

It's one thing to strive for her own happiness and another to destroy Marvin's family, If Marvin was unmarried, Ellen could do anything for him. She could lose her dignity and defy up, or even do anything to achieve her goal. However, Marvin had already been married, and she could tolerate the existence of a mistress, which did not mean that she was willing to become a woman without a legal status.

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