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   Chapter 125 Ellen's Affectionate confession

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Marvin said. He was scrupulous in separating business from family. Always been like this,"

Always this? Pale and trembling, Ellen bit her lip and could no longer laugh. It's obvious what he means, isn't it? Was there really no hope?

Without hesitation, Mrs. Wilson said, "That's enough. Don't talk like an official tone. Yu Clan and our family are well matched. They don't care whether you have illegitimate children outside or not. You can see what Ellen did. She will treat her two children as her own mother. What are you not satisfied with such a woman?"

"There is no need. Rani and Ray's mom is great." Therefore, there was no need for kind and generous Ellen to treat his son and daughter like "biological mother".

The Mrs. Wilson smiled in anger. She pointed at Lancy who was waving in front of Wilson and asked, "you mean that woman? I've told you it's impossible! She, you don't want to. She doesn't even have the qualification to be invited, let alone enter Lu Clan!"

If Mrs. Wilson lacked self-control, she would have yelled hysterically now. It was not easy for her to talk to him calmly. "I don't get it. There are so many ladies from the upper class. Why do you insist on marrying that woman? Except for her pretty face, what's good about her? "

Even the merits of beauty were an object of public criticism in theMrs. Wilson's eyes. We could imagine how much she didn't like Lancy.

But in Marvin's eyes, Lancy was perfect.

"You marry an unknown woman. You are not afraid of being laughed at. As for the Lu Clan, I am afraid of being laughed at!" Mrs. Wilson was so excited that she didn't notice that the little girl in her arms had any signs of waking up. "Can Lancy be an example for all the women in the Lu Clan? Could she cope with all kinds of banquets? She is just from small families. If she could behave themselves, it will be fine. But she has children before marriage How do you let others think of our Lu Clan? They will only think that Lu Clan has bad manners."

The Mrs. Wilson managed to speak in a righteous manner. The more she spoke, the more arrogant she looked. She did it for the sake of the Lu Clan. No one who had good sense could pick out any flaw in her.

Therefore, it was time for Marvin to make a concession and sacrifice for his family.

Bad manners? A sarcastic smile crept up the corners of Marvin's mouth. It seemed like that the Lu Clan was very upright. If Lu Clan is a well behaved family, there won't be any woman outside, there will be no illegitimate children who can't be seen all their lives.

Looking back to the Sidney, at least one wife and many concubines were legal. Therefore, the big family would be divided into two families. However, time was different. Now it's a monogamous society, in which the law would not allow any mistress to be accepted.

Ethics... Look at Wilson, you'll know soon! If the Lu Clan really cared about ethics, they should urge him to marry Lancy. That was w

are unimportant now. They don't need to accept anyone, except for the unborn younger brother. That's all.

Both Ray and Rani pricked up their ears. Although one of them was in the corner, the other was in Mrs. Wilson's arms. They had the closest feeling to each other as they felt nervous.

Right, they were nervous, never so nervous. Just as Mrs. Wilson thought, the marriage would do no harm to Daddy. The temptation is so great that anyone with a little brain will agree.

That was the reason why the kids were nervous, hiding the fear in their hearts! It turned out that when she had to make a choice between Mommy and daddy, she was so upset.

The reason why they felt bad was not because they had difficulty in making their decisions, but because their answers would remain the same for thousands of years, they would only choose their mothers; the reason why they felt bad was because They had feelings for their dad and was reluctant to give up.

Both of them were taken aback by this conclusion.

The kids clenched their fists. 'Daddy, please don't disappoint them!'!

"Tell me, Marvin!" Mrs. Wilson has learned cleverness this time. She must let Marvin nod his head and promise himself. She had suffered a loss, and she wouldn't allow him to have another chance to muddle through. She tried her best to persuade him. She had said what was supposed to be said, which gave him face. If he still had any objection, it doesn't make much sense.

Since the members of the first and second branches of the royal family were all present, Mrs. Wilson thought if Marvin... Well, she shouldn't be blamed for making things worse. Even if Sidney was there, she still had a point. She did it for the sake of the Lu Clan.

"It's so unexpected that Ellen has such a thought." With his eyes narrowed a little, Marvin said in a less stern tone, "No, not only is it surprised, I should say it is shock, unbelievable Is Ellen really different from other ordinary girls... "

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