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   Chapter 124 Topic Terminator

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As Marvin lowered his eyes, Marvin leaned forward a little bit. The way he held her made it look like there was an inseparable body between them.

His cold eyes shone with determination. Once again, he seemed to have read her mind. He was so patient, waiting for her answer.

The two people who were immersed in their own world did not notice that the first dance had ended and the second dance was dancing trippingly

Soon enough, when Lancy gathered her courage and was about to open her mouth, she felt she was pulled by someone and Marvin was replaced in the blink of an eye.

When she came to herself, she blinked. Shit! Was boss' face swollen again?

Ah, no, No. No. changing face. Isn't that boss's father Wilson? Lancy, who had a clearer mind than her body, kept a certain distance from Wilson subconsciously. Danced with Wilson, Lancy felt protested subconsciously when she was held by this man.

"It's polite to exchange your partner," Before Marvin got angry, Wilson reminds him of his kindness: "I, a father, it should be ok if I want to get to know my son's partner well.

Marvin pushed away the woman immediately that Wilson offered. He didn't like to be touched. "Know each other? Father, haven't you met with Lancy a long time ago? "

The innocent woman who was pushed away was embarrassed to retreat. The battle between the father and son immediately became the focus of everyone's attention, and the sights were more intense than fire.

"It seems that you don't like my partner," Putting his hand gently on her shoulder, Wilson took actions to prove that he wouldn't do anything bad to Lancy. There were so many eyes staring at him, and he was not stupid. "If you don't want to dance, you'd better go down. The Mrs. Wilson is waiting for you."

Marvin was emanating a freezing aura. Lancy, stupid as she was, could feel the tense atmosphere between the father and the son. She forced a smile and said, "yes, yes. Boss, don't make Mrs. Wilson wait too long... Oh, by the way, I noticed that Rani had eaten a lot of desserts, "

The coldness in the air was receded by Lancy's words. Marvin looked coldly at the direction of Mrs. Wilson and then at Wilson. He thought that under such an occasion, he did not have the guts to do anything!

Mrs. Wilson... In such a situation, she still did not give up. Didn't she understand why he took his daughter and the children to meet the people of the second generation of the Lu Clan?

She was so stubborn that she would never give up until she had hit the wall! As soon as Marvin saw the delicate woman in front of the guests, he understood another hidden purpose of this "family banquet".

"I'll be right back after this dance." Marvin said not only to Lancy, but also to Wilson.


ay, you are not hint something... That was not a hint. Absolutely not... You just want to be a stepmother of the twins," .

Ellen was aggressive and radical. However, she had no choice. She had been rejected by Marvin face to face. Now he had not only a couple of children, but also a woman beside him, how could Ellen refrain? This opportunity is fleeting. If she doesn't seize it this time, maybe she won't even have such a chance.

Ellen is like a rocket. But the twins are six years old.

Marvin frowned and said coldly, "I'm sorry. My Ray and Rani are unique." They had no children who were as excellent and excellent as them.

So, please forget what you had said.

The hand that was cupping her face was frozen, and Ellen could not answer at all. It was a great regret that her child was absolutely inferior to this twins? Or was she refused again?

Marvin is definitely one of the strongest topic terminators in this world.

A myriad of emotions flooded Ellen's mind.

Mrs. Wilson couldn't stand it anymore. She knew that Marvin was just pretending to be ignorant. Ellen's intention was obvious, wasn't it? "Ellen, I remember that sometime later is your father's birthday? Is it right? My grandson has a headache to pick up gift. Our two families are close friends. If you don't mind, do me a favor and go with him. Take it as helping me, Mrs. Wilson. "

Standing next to Marvin, Ellen was shy in all ways. Perhaps she was stimulated by Lancy, she took the initiative unexpectedly. She stole a glance at Marvin and nodded her head, "okay As long as Ellen can do, I will be definitely help. "

"No need. My secretary has prepared it." Marvin refused her immediately, leaving no room for negotiation. The attitude of Marvin was as cold and hard as his face.

"Your secretary prepared too official." Mrs. Wilson retorted.

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