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   Chapter 123 Ingrained

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What her daughter said was true. He wasn't with Lancy when she gave birth to the twins.

How painful it is for a woman to have a baby, Marvin can't imagine. But Lancy is afraid of pain, Marvin knows it.

The Lu Clan's perception of Lancy had risen to a higher level again. His acquiescence and petty action at least indicated that this woman was special to him.

After all, there was almost no scandal about Marvin over the years. The woman who could give birth for him, of course, she is different.

Lancy touched her ears. She could not help but feel that there was something wrong with everybody's eyes. What could they do to her? Not far away from her was Mr. Wilson, who seemed to be swallowing her alive. 'Mr. Wilson. She's not as tough as iron steak. It's not yummy.' Lancy thought to herself.

"When do you change your father's surname ?" One of them still wanted to know the truth.

Hearing that, Rani frowned and asked, "Uncle, is this very important for you? If I don't take your family name, then I'm not your daughter? "

"You are so stupid. DNA is the evidence to prove our relationship." Ray's baby correct it in time. His sister was too young to ask such a question as an adult?

Even children understand the truth, but it's not interesting for them to keep pestering.

Eventually, twins calmed down and they successfully repelled their opponents.

"Great-grandma. I'm hungry." Rani took the initiative to stretch out her hand and grab Mrs. Wilson's arm, successfully diverted everyone's attention. It was not interesting if they were always troubled by the same problem, wasn't it?

If you have the guts, you can just ask daddy. You are a coward, aren't you.

Mrs. Wilson who had lost the initiative, she didn't say a word from beginning to end, and she couldn't refuse either! She could only hug the little girl even though she was reluctant to be admitted to be a great-grandmother.

God knew how hard it was for a well-educated Mrs. Wilson to hold a baby for a long time. She had no choice but to go on pretending.

Rani was lying on theMrs. Wilson's back and adjusted her position in a comfortable way.

"Let's eat orange." Ray found an orange out of nowhere. It was not peeled as usual, but a complete one and stuffed it directly into the Mrs. Wilson's arms.

Did he want his great-grandma to peel off her skin?

Mrs. Wilson fixed her eyes on the orange, but could not move her hands.

Just as she was in a dilemma, her reinforcements appeared. Ellen took the orange and put a good-looking small piece of fruit into Rani's mouth.

"Are you Rani? What else do you want to eat? Sister will get it for you," Ellen said softly, stroking Rani's head.

Sister? With her eyes wide open, Rani thought she was aunt?

"Sweet and soft, I want some cakes," said the Rani, licking her lips...

"Okay, o

licate relationship between them.

Lancy gripping the man's clothes. She was surprised that a man would make such a confession first? He not only didn't express his love, but also said decisively that she liked him What a big deal! She didn't write it on face. Could he read her mind?

Lancy, which she didn't even admit, said that if she could not play according to the routine, her brain was not good enough. Lancy was quite traditional in the aspect of love. She expressed her love for a date and had a meal together. You can find the most standard order on the Internet.

There was an idea that was deeply rooted in one's mind.

The two became more intimate as if no one was around. The man's eyes were full of affection, and the woman was shy.

"I won't let you go, Lancy," It was undoubted that Marvin whispered in her ears intimately and overbearingly. He didn't intend to let her choose at the beginning.

For the first time, Marvin directly told her his true thoughts. And also, for the first time, he directly faced the problem of their relationship.

Marvin was not the kind of man who was good at saying sweet words. His emotion was restrained, steady and possessive. It was more difficult for such a man to open his mouth.

But out of Lancy's expectation, Marvin said it. Hearing that, Lancy raised her head in surprise. She found nobody but herself in his eyes.

How did Lancy describe her current feeling with all these words? She only knew that her heart was so hot that it was almost burning her. However, she didn't feel any pain at all. A feeling of joy spread all over her body...

Even though he did something illegal and didn't play according to the routine, she was really happy. Oh, No. to be exact, she was extremely happy now.

Biting her lower lip, Lancy felt like she was in a sweet dream. She wanted to say something to him, and respond to his love.

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