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   Chapter 122 Ray's wisdom

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Ow! It seemed that Mr. Wilson was quite in poor health. There was something wrong in his system. Mr. Wilson always remained unset whenever they saw him. How poor he was.

"Here comes our busy boss." Wilson breathed a sigh of relief and gave them a malicious look... Was it because twins were well-dressed? Wilson felt that twins was more eye-catching than before!

'Is he really biased?'! If Lancy knew what was on Wilson's mind at this moment, she would definitely scream and protest against him! Her babies are the most adorable in the world.

These were just how human beings felt. The more they liked, the more they would like them. As for those annoying things, no matter what the truth was, they would only get more and more bored with them.

Children were enemies to Wilson. The more they liked each other, the more they were hated by him.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting." Marvin glanced at the brightly lit Lu mansion. It seemed that Mrs. Wilson had put a lot of thought into it.

Wilson shrugged and turned to another side. "Let's get in. Mrs. Wilson is waiting for us."

As for the sudden appearance of Lancy, he didn't question or stop her either. It would be nice if all of them were here. As everyone was here, Wilson was worried that here wouldn't be in trouble.

Lancy was not as calm as the twins. Suddenly she felt nervous. Was her leg soft? At this moment, she seemed to realize that this was boss' home, and there were his families inside.

It was weird that Mrs. Wilson took the initiative to invite the babies. How could she get nervous just now since she didn't do anything wrong? Yes, it is not here to visit parents. Well, it looked like meeting parents, let alone to meet them.

Ah, ah, no, no, it was just a slip of the tongue. Lancy rubbed her head and tried to calm down.

All of a sudden, a hand appeared in front of her. Lancy raised her eyes and gazed at Marvin.

He took her hand on his arm and pressed his lips However, it was such a simple movement that Lancy calmed down miraculously.

Lancy gazed at the man quietly. It was not the first time. How could he always make her so relieved?

Wilson entered the main hall first and told everyone silently that Marvin arrived.

At this moment, the whole audience held their breath. It was so quiet that they couldn't hear any sound.

Like the rest present, Mrs. Wilson fixed her eyes on one direction. However, she was mentally prepared for that.

What kind of psychological preparation? When Marvin and his son appeared in public at the same time, it was incredible and shocking... They would definitely make a sensation.

This is just too sensational... ' Mrs. Wilson had told Marvin not to bring that woman back. But he really ignored what his grandmother said.

The ladies led by Ellen were also shocked. The reason why they came was entirely for the legendary golden bachelor, Marvin. Then what was goin

iece of cake for him!

It was too easy for her to guess what Mrs. Wilson was thinking. Ray was well aware that they would be under her control if she took charge of the whole situation. Then she would take this opportunity to completely wipe out his mother. Therefore, Ray took the initiative to give her a surprise.

Ray's tone made many people can't help laughing. Who should they care about? Themselves or their parents?

However, these people did not include the ones who looked for trouble.

A malicious voice came through from the crowd. "Why did you take your mother's surname?" At least for a child, this was definitely not a question to be asked.

Standing side by side with her brother, Rani tilted her head to one side and asked innocently and naively, "Maybe this is daddy's compensation for mummy? Mommy was hurt when she gave birth to us... Mommy is the greatest person in the world! "

With tears all over her face, Lancy thought that her children were so sweet.

Children were the most honest and innocent. Their words warmed the hearts of all the female guests present. What a lovely child! At such a young age, he could feel his mommy's pain and felt grateful. Who didn't want such a baby?

More importantly, when the problem that had been hidden in the dark was spoken to Rani, it had become a way for Marvin to love Lancy. For men, especially in traditional families like the Lu Clan, accompanying his mother's surname was an extremely serious thing. In the hearts of everyone, their master, Marvin was cold, ruthless, and would never compromise.

How could a man like Marvin make such a compromise for a woman... This was more incredible.

The first reaction of the crowd was not to believe, no matter if they believe it or not. It must be a child who thought of it by himself and couldn't take it seriously.

However, Marvin was here. His silence had explained everything. He even held her hand tightly.

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