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   Chapter 121 A Family Feast

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'Although Mrs. Wilson said it was just a family feast and not a formal one However, she couldn't force anyone to tell her the truth.

The trueborn son of the Lu Clan had gotten into trouble in the Mr. Sidney's house. He had two sons, Wilson and Warren. Because of this special feature, Mr. Sidney selected Marvin as the successor, and the successor of Marvin became the new direct descendant of the Lu Clan.

Why did the elder of the Lu Clan agree to do so? That was because similar situation happened in the family tree of Lu Clan too. Mr. Sidney easily followed the previous rules and blocked everyone's mouth. Similarly, no one could say that Marvin had an unspeakable reputation.

What's more, although Wilson is not the eldest son of Mr. Sidney's son, he is also one of the youngest sons of the concubines. You can't forget this name. As for Marvin, he was the eldest son of Wilson, the leader of shining company. Therefore, it was natural for them to get close to him.

Of course, as for whether Wilson would be embarrassed or not, that was not important, and this was decided by his former employer.

Therefore, the sidekick of Lu Clan was convinced. Different from those disciples from the direct line, they respected the current head of the family, and had no conflict with him.

As a result, they were both calm and relaxed. It was a good chance for them to show their faces in front of their family.

The elders of the Lu Clan all had a tacit understanding. As long as they were not involved in the matter, they didn't want to bring trouble to the Lu family.

Therefore, no matter how curious the people were, they never took the initiative to ask after coming to this house. What Mrs. Wilson said was good to listen to. When the old lady arrived, she would naturally know everything.

'Mrs. Wilson say it's just a family dinner. It's not a big one.

Soon, they found some familiar faces among the guests Isn't she the miss of XX family? Though they were not far away from the Bai family, they had been in the same circle and were all familiar with this noble woman.

How could he set a date for every member of their family?

Not long ago, Ye Clan and I have been talking about a lot. Everyone in my family knows that. Is it possible that Mrs. Wilson failed to arrange someone for her daughter-in-law? So, she was still thinking about acting with the whole family?

All the people present were left there, waiting and guessing.

As usual, Mrs. Wilson was so "arrogant". Everyone had to smile at her, and there was no need for her to socialize with such occasions.

On the contrary, the invited people came to Mrs. Wilson and soon, the old lady was the center and surrounded people in circles.

Mrs. Wilson sat at the top position with a vast view. He chatted with others and kept glancing at the gate.

As time went by, the sky had not yet completely darkened. The road mansion was already brightly lit up. However, the "protagonist" that everyone was

ople who preferred boys to girls, and only those who were allowed to play the legendary horses by their brother were shut out. They were the most hateful ones.

They were both babies and daddy's children. Why should she call the baby's elder brother? But why did she only ask her brother to let her go? What's wrong with that? It was completely unfair. She had to protest! It seems like our baby, Rani, need to get dressed up. No matter how cute he or she is, he or she needs to be the first one to attract the attention of the crowd.

Rani poked her cheeks with her finger, and winked at James.

Hearing that, Ray's eyes bent slightly too. Perhaps it was the tacit understanding between the twins.

Marvin hadn't expected that his father would receive him in person.

As they made eye contact, Marvin only raised his eyebrows, but it was easy to tell that he was reluctant. Well, how could he be volunteered?

At the same time, the corners of Wilson's mouth twitched. Every cell in his body was telling him how much he wanted to have a daughter. He stood straight at the gate, waiting for the person in the car to come down by himself. He didn't go up to greet jack at all.

Out of the corner of his eye, Wilson noticed that Lancy was sitting on the copilot seat. He was so angry. He never thought that his good son really brought this woman back Wasn't it only for the children?

'He is becoming insatiable. He even wants Lu Clan to admit his children and this woman.

Wilson crossed his arms over his chest, pulling a long face, and showed a straight face to Lancy, even though she had already politely smiled at Wilson.

Ray and Rani got out of the car hand in hand. How adorable she was! The other two girls also saw Wilson and then looked away with one accord. Oops, the wind was so strong tonight that they felt a bit chilly.

Stepping on high heels, Lancy shivered. It was really cold! She nodded at Wilson. Wilson looked like a coffin. Was he having constipation?

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