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   Chapter 120 Negotiation

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Wilson was completely aware After freshening up. It turned out that his good son had finally taken the initiative to fight for that bastard, didn't he? He was good at teasing people. It seemed that he had completely taken control of Mrs. Wilson!

To get close to his son, Marvin had tried his best to play a trick on him and hadn't forced him to make a move for so many years Did he really want to declare war on Wilson?

This kind of person, especially someone like Wilson, would easily have more and more guesses after he was told about the conspiracy. No matter how clever and clever he was, he could guess countless schemes in a minute, but he didn't know if this person regarded him as his opponent.

Wilson' words infuriated Shaun. He was livid, and his eyes were covered with rage. He couldn't be angrier about his own son, Marvin. All of these indicated one thing. Now, with a son, Marvin was going to take actions, and Marvin was going to pave the way for his little bastard.

As a matter of fact, the contradiction between the father and son had reached the pinnacle in current situation.

"Brother, it's not that my sister can't speak properly. With his current status, we'd better follow him." It seemed that even Julie, the eldest daughter of the Mu clan, had gotten off her high profile. There was any reason that Wilson cared about? "If we push him too hard, the bastard outside will become the eldest son directly."

"That's right. Calm him down first," Mrs. Wilson added

Wilson was so angry that he laughed. He was somewhat annoyed at Mrs. Wilson's "turning her back". Without Mrs. Wilson's support, he lost his right-hand man without doubt. Anyway, it was all because of Marvin. "Fine, bring him home. I'd like to see what he is going to do next."

As the master of the Mu clan, he had to ask the boy if he would like to tell the boy the truth! The existence of that child was a great threat to Wilson. As long as it concerned his own interests, Wilson would do anything to achieve his goal, no matter what!

Wilson's fury was on the verge of erupting, but Mrs. Wilson and Julie didn't care at all, because they believed that their grandmother would get what they wanted.

Her enemy could be a friend, or a cannon fodder.

Let the fight between the father and son be the best ending as both sides suffered.

Mrs. Wilson said, "After all, you are his father and the children's grandfather. Just help them to make preparation this time. It's a good chance to ease the relationship between you and your father. I don't think it's appropriate to fall out with each other like this. "

Mrs. Wilson had never talked to Wilson like this before, which annoyed Wilson more.

Even though Mrs. Wilson had suffered losses in front of Marvin, she still had her voice in Lu Clan. At least, Wilson didn't dare to show his disobedience to her. Now that she had asked him to help, it was not an order, but an order.

No matter how reluctant Wilson was, Wilson could only set up a plan for his son.

The preparation of this

for her son, would he really be willing to come to the ghost place and see her?

"Are we going to let your grandson find out where your grandma lives?" Wilson's voice echoed in the room.

grandson? Whose grandson? Rare to hear, Sherry was stunned, wondering whether she misheard or he said something wrong?

"Anyway, the attic is yours. No one has lived there for these years. That's the deal." Wilson said sternly, pointing at the lad with a livid face. He had no time to think about whether Sherry was shocked or surprised. Anyway, Sheryl had been his wife for so many years. It was time for her to "repay" him.

Lu Clan was particularly lively today.

The other branches of the Zhang clan had arrived at the Lu mansion early. They respected Zen and his family, but they didn't want to see Zen so much, so they came here early.

The direct line and the side branches of the clan, however, were all shocked by an information, which was said to be related to the current head of the clan and the descendants of the clan

However, no one was sure about it till now.

Now, the elders on the branches of the Lu Clan still remembered that event happened ten years ago! The last head of the family, Mr. Sidney, was also supported by the new head of the family. But it was in the Lu mansion. Who would have thought that the young man back then really had the throne?

Thinking of this, all the people sighed. In a blink of an eye, it had been ten years!

Ten years later, they were gathered here again, which made everyone confused. Was there anything wrong?

Now they were living in the 21st century. Although the wealth of the Lu family was far less than that of the previous families, they had to maintain their stability much better than people had imagined. This was also the reason why Lu Clan valued the sons of the right.

Lu Clan was a big family with a history of several hundred years. They wouldn't gather two sons of the royal family at the same time unless there was any serious problem. It was illegal.

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