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   Chapter 119 The Lu Clan's Intention

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"Still awake? How can our son laugh at you? Daddy is a worm!" Throwing away the towel, Sara lay on his chest and took his hand to feel the baby's heartbeat, which was the thing she liked to do most.

The so-called fetal education should start from now on to cultivate the relationship between the father and son. In the future, Wilson had more feelings and responsibilities for her son.

As the Freda said a few days ago, Wilson has many illegitimate children. Her face gently touched the man's chest, and there was a trace of scheme and determination hidden in her beautiful eyes. Sara would prove to them that she, Sara and her child were different in Wilson's heart.

Women were born to be good at acting and concealing their ambitions. Sara was one of the top. Her red lips were slightly upturned. However, this shallow smile did not last long.

No matter how capable Sara was of observation and reading other men's minds, she couldn't know what was in his mind all the time. For the affairs of Marvin, she said nothing. No wonder Sara hit the gun.

In the past, Wilson would like to talk with Sara and communicate with the unborn child. But now, he was full of sulks and anger and had no time to talk with her.

As Sara kept calling her son, Wilson couldn't help but think of Marvin and that twins. Wilson rudely lifted the woman's jaw, looking into her eyes, "son? Has the doctor declared that the baby is a boy? "

"It's not like that. We can't be sure about it in a short time." Sara touched her swollen belly, her eyes dazzling, "what? Can't you wait to see our baby?" She thought that the man was caring about the children, so she didn't notice that Wilson was extraordinary.

It was not until her jaw was pained by the man that Sara realized that something was wrong.

"Since you are not sure, why do you take him as your son?" Disdain and dissatisfaction were written all over Wilson's face. He looked down and said, "I don't like sons. Give birth a girl for me!"

Why was he so capricious? It was not that easy to decide whether Sara would give birth to a boy or a girl?

Sara was dumbfounded. He was very happy when she said he had a son. How could he be changed so quickly? Was he kidding or serious? She was not sure... She thought that Wilson must be joking. If she gives birth a boy, would not he dislike her?

In less than a minute, too many thoughts flashed through Sara's mind, and she didn't know how to respond to the man.

Wilson shook his hand impatiently. The more impatient he was, the more disgusted he felt. 'why am I so care about a woman?

"Wilson, did Sara piss you off?" When Sara saw the man standing up, she frowned slightly. She was timid, but th

ace, Wilson stared at Julie, and then glanced at Mrs. Wilson... Something must be wrong. Wilson thought that the Mrs. Wilson wouldn't have reacted in this way. But how could it be possible that she already knew about it?

Mrs. Wilson's reaction had something to do with Julie. He was sure that Julie must have said something to her.

To verify Wilson's guess, Julie gave him a meaningful smile.

"Your sister is right. We have annoyed Marvin before, so we can't take action now." It seemed that Mrs. Wilson had made up her mind to accept the child. "Marvin will officially bring that children back in a few days. It's a good opportunity for everyone to see him, and we can also have a formality..."

"Mrs. Wilson, what did you say? Do you agree that he wants to take the children back? " Wilson couldn't believe what he had heard. Did she really not know what it meant to go back to the Lu mansion? That meant the Lu Clan would admit the children!

Mrs. Wilson was not annoyed at all. Her eyes flashed a cunning smile and she looked away casually. "After all, he is the descendant of the Lu Clan... Wilson. Things are different now. Marvin is the real person of the Lu Clan. It's not up to us. "

Mrs. Wilson let out a long sigh, as if she could do nothing about it. But her glance showed too many things.

"……" After a night, Mrs. Wilson's attitude changed greatly. Wilson could not help but think another question. Perhaps, Julie was not the decisive factor. "Mrs. Wilson, have you met Marvin?"

"I went there early in the morning. I just came back from his house." Julie said.

Mrs. Wilson went to visit Marvin early in the morning. It seemed that Marvin was giving orders to the Mrs. Wilson to see him. Thinking about Mrs. Wilson's helpless words and attitude, it was unforgivable.

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