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   Chapter 118 A Surprise To Boss

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When the sky falls, there is a tall top. Boss is much taller than her. As for the babies, they are too short to worry about. Anyway, Lancy don't need to worry about it at all. How could Lancy live such a wonderful life! '

Hearing this, Marvin and Lancy looked at each other. Their eyes became brighter and brighter. What happened?

A bright smile bloomed on her white face. Both Ray and Rani felt a chill on their backs. They covered their eyes subconsciously. It was coming again The two kids united with their mommy at the same time. While their daddy was still at a loss, they had seen the result.

Marvin squinted his eyes dangerously and looked at them indifferently. He felt that he was just kicked by a trick. However, the strange thing was that instead of getting angry, he unconsciously wanted to indulge her.

"For what?" He rubbed between his eyebrows and sighed, feeling helpless. He had been living the most wonderful life in his life during these days, where unexpectedly happened all the time. He was almost used to this kind of feeling.

Lancy called it "surprise". Such a life was more enjoyable.

Lancy smiled obsequiously and stood up in the most funny posture. Howling, please forgive her for her disability now. It took many efforts to walk up to the man. With a blink of her round eyes, she said, "Boss …… ……" Her voice was so long that it melted the ice cream

Ray pulled a long face and shook his little shoulder. He knew the goose bumps on his arm without even looking at it.

Rani kept running upstairs. Soon, Marvin heard the heavy footsteps.

Lancy had curved eyebrows and a sweet smile on her face all the time, which unexpectedly made Marvin feel warm.

"Here you are, Mommy." After gasping for breath, Rani handed Lancy the pink object, eyes full of expectation and excitement.

"Thank you, Rani... Love you... " No wonder people always said that daughters are mommy's sweet cotton padded jacket. See how awesome her daughter is! Rani slept on the pillow before she was sleepy. She was so energetic! "Boss. Do you like it with regular colour? Cute? So cute? "

"so?" Upon hearing that, Marvin's face turned pale. That pink color is so adorable. He seemed to have seen the end

Hearing that, Ray's face didn't change. If you don't look at those colorful eyes, Ray will say, he's looking forward to it, too. "Daddy, don't be so silly. Mommy and Rani especially picked it for you. It is the best choices."

Marvin was sure that he had been teased by his son as he carefully chose the most popular actress.

Lancy was anxious to show it to Marvin. She kicked off the dinosaur shoes, went barefoot on the floor, worked on her pajamas excitedly, and pulled her sleeves with two hands with difficulty. At the same time, Ray and Rani each grabbed the trouser legs. Under the gaze of

of Marvin came to his mind. The dream was too long for him to remember. Wilson even couldn't tell who he was in his dream.

As he awoke from fear and uneasiness, Wilson finally realized what had happened.

"Are you awake?" This was Sara's villa. Her belly gave her a sense of mother. She was more tender, just like water.

As Sara was pregnant, it was not convenient for her to look after Wilson. So, smart as she was, she did not mention that Wilson had brought a woman home last night.

Sara could know what happened on the other side of the wall without eavesdropping. She had experienced the similar situation for years.

So, Sara was very calm. This piece of meat in her belly was her biggest concern. Having slept well all night, she saw that young girl off with a smile on her face. This made sense. Look at the villa, it was hers. The man was still lying in her bed, and those women had no choice but to leave.

No matter how loudly she screamed in the night, no matter she walked out of the room with her hands on her waist or with her hands on the waist, Sara just wanted to laugh at the thought of that pretentious woman. The woman who was unclear about the situation even bragged in front of her.

What's there to show off? It was not Sara who left the company immediately.

Thinking of these things, Sara's movements were softer. She wiped the man's face with a warm towel carefully avoiding his eyes and looking at the stubble around his mouth.

Men were so slovenly. At this time, Sara thought she was his wife. Especially after pregnancy, women were always good at cheating on themselves, and Sara was no exception. She felt at home more and more. This was her husband, and she was pregnant with the child of two people. How wonderful it was.

Wilson stared at the ceiling without blinking. Obviously, he was used to being served by women like this.

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