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   Chapter 117 A Choice Between Son And Wife

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9591

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Both Mrs. Wilson and Julie knew most of the rich ladies in Alaska who came from the upper class circles. When they saw Lancy, they were relieved as they didn't remember this girl. Looking at her movements and her actions, he was almost sure about her family background. They didn't like her, and at the same time, they felt a little grateful... Such a trivial woman and a woman with the high reputation of a clan were, of course, the former one was more easy to be dealt with.

Besides, this case would give Lancy no chance to enter Lu Clan.

His eyes seemed to be more gloomy. Their answer was within his expectation, but rage was overwhelming. However, what kind of person Marvin was? Was he someone who was in extreme anger? "Grandma, aunt, what we value now is freedom of marriage, as long as Lancy and I love each other."

It was just a marriage certificate. As long as the couple both agreed to it, everything would be fine.

"That's someone else's house, not in Lu Clan!" Mrs. Wilson glared, "Don't forget your identity. Did you interfere in the marriage of Freda before? As a family leader, you can't even set an example? Your marriage is related to the whole Lu Clan and the group, so hasty... Even if your grandfather is here, he won't agree, let alone me! "

Disdain could be seen in Julie's eyes. "I've heard about Freda. That girl is most willing to be fair. Your are so biased. I'm afraid that even your close relatives will not be convinced."

However, the mother and daughter miscalculated one thing. Freda was not only not a resistance, but also a help. Now, it's ridiculous to talk about Freda. Fortunately, they didn't know.

Ray and Rani exchanged a knowing look. They glared at each other with their big, bright eyes. Clearly, they had come to make trouble for their mother.

"As the ruler of the Lu Clan, you should know what to do." Mrs. Wilson cast a sidelong glance at Lancy, "you must marry a woman who is well-educated and able to help you in your career! Not as those beautiful, easy-going women outside... "

Easy girl? The hairy head shook, and the moment she raised her eyes, there was an innocent look in her eyes. She looked at Mrs. Wilson and then at Marvin, wondering if he hadn't heard her name? It seemed that not her own business. Realizing this, Lancy didn't care about it at all.

It was difficult to be attacked and got hurt depending on the perception of Lancy's?

These two kids knew their mommy well. They used the words of the game world to describe their mommy's "blood". Although her "blood" was not very strong, its attacking power was not bad, but it was better than its defensive power. It was so strong that it had been to the abnormal state that it could block out the negative comments and information that was disadvantageous to them.

In other words, even if the mother fought her to the death, it

nvite them to our house..." Obviously, Julie was referring to someone else.


"Of course. Has grandma ever lied to Rex?"

"Grandma, you are so kind ……"

"Well, let's go first. After Ray and Ray get changed and have dinner, we can play together in the kindergarten, okay?"


As soon as Mrs. Wilson and Julie walked away, they thought that they had suppressed Marvin to death. So they felt delighted as if there was wind under their feet.

Ray stared at the group and didn't move his eyes until he couldn't see them.

He turned back and looked at his dad, "Dad, what do you want to do?"

"Daddy, it is so horrible here." With a pout, Rani cupped her chin and swung her head, sighing.

Rani didn't like it at all. It was the disadvantage of big families. A lot of troublesome things had to be solved?

It was said that this place was the tip of the iceberg, and every one of them was not as easy to deal with...

Marvin pursed his lips and said, "what? Are you scared?"

Scare? Who was scared?

The two little buns were stunned at first, and then looked at each other. They both looked at each other deeply and then looked at Marvin. "Oh, daddy, the trick is too obvious..."

So what if it was obvious? 'what should I do?'? "What?" Marvin hid his smile and asked again.

This was the sound of a challenge …… Both of them smiled! "I don't care!" Ray, Rani spoke with one voice. For them, this was not only a self test that they were protecting their mother, but also a battle between themselves. As a result, they began to yearn for the answer.

Marvin smiled with satisfaction. There is some pride in his eyes. He deserves to be his son and daughter, so different. "Good!"

Lancy looked at the twins and boss blankly. She couldn't figure out whether they were doing? OK, she admitted that she hadn't known it all the time. But it should be okay as boss was there?

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