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   Chapter 116 A Bracelet

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"You! You! You!" Mrs. Wilson was completely wiped down. She collapsed on the sofa, gasping for breath, her left hand tightly grabbing Julie.

"Marvin, you're such a good man. How could you just let your grandma get irritated like this? Did your woman really know nothing? Did she pretend to know nothing or just keep it in suspense? God knows, you know these tricks are not presentable Don't you think it's beneath you? "

Lancy was totally in a conundrum, because she had known that neither Julie nor Marvin talk about. She knew nothing about that.

The smile on Rani's face seemed to be brighter than before, but with a cold and indifference. Then, Rani raised her innocent and pure face, and patted on her mother's confused face. "Mommy, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have received this gift." Don't attach too much importance to the gift.

"I'm a good girl. Don't worry. Mommy will give it back." Lancy touched her daughter's paw with love and then looked down at her swollen arm with reluctance. "It's getting better. With some moisturizer, it might be able to take off, right?"

Hearing this, Ray's eyes turned darker. His lips slightly pursed, "I think so? Well, sister, we can't receive gifts from others casually. Look at mommy's hand... If you want to chop your hand, you need to return the bracelet to someone else, in case it's a legacy... Rani has to widened your eyes in the future, OK? "

She could only open her eyes to see clearly what the person who gave her the gift could bleat... In case of being tricked again.

According to the local custom of Alaska, bracelets and other things should be turned into powerful coffins... "Attention please. The plain coffin.".

Cutting off her hand in panic, Lancy covered her wrist by instinct. Oh NO!

However, Mrs. Wilson blushed scarlet with shyness. She had never been treated like this since she was born.

Was Mrs. Wilson the kind of person who would get her gift back soon?

The two buns, and the little fat boy all stared at Mrs. Wilson, wondering if she was really that kind of person!

Rex waved his hand to comfort Lancy, "Aunt, I have a lot of jewelry in my family, shinning..."

"……" Doris was speechless. It was all her fault?

Seeing that Rex was so "generous", Mrs. Wilson felt more embarrassed. Mrs. Wilson felt embarrassed, especially in front of these people. She had no sense of shame at all. If she didn't say anything, then!

Rani and Ray's "childish talk", Rex's curiosity and doubt, and her granddaughter Doris's frequent meeting... Rex's words somehow stung Mrs. Wilson's eyes.

Mrs. Wilson looked at Marvin casually, but he still looked cold. He

Lancy, she wouldn't suffer any loss.

Mrs. Wilson took a deep breath and tried to ignore Lancy. She finally realized that this woman had no eyes! "To be honest, I'm very disappointed with you. You keep such a big secret from us. If you keep ignoring us like this, you're going to be a big shot and no one can stop you, right?"

The old lady who had pulled herself together suddenly changed the subject and asked.

"……" Hearing that, Marvin raised his eyes coldly with a slight rise in his eyebrows and responded in a plain tone, "grandma, where are you talking about? Didn't you always worry about my marriage before? It's not good now. It's a perfect ending. " Thus, Mrs. Wilson wouldn't have to worry about him and his children's happiness.

Mrs. Wilson was shocked. She looked at Lancy subconsciously and asked in disbelief, "Do you really want her to come in?"

Marvin shrugged and smiled faintly. What he meant was quite clear.

Julie and Mrs. Wilson exchanged a glance. Surprised, they saw each other's eyes, and then became resolute.

"I don't agree!" Julie didn't care whether Marvin's woman was ugly or ordinary. Just for the six-year-old son, this woman can't get in Lu Clan!

At the age of six, he was already mature enough to get everything under her control! Of course, after seeing Lancy and Ray, the dissatisfaction was exaggerated.

"I don't agree either." As for the purpose of their visit, it was not just to confirm the news! "It is the so-called "know yourself, know your enemy, win every battle, and only when you see a real person can you evaluate the real strength of the other party." Of course, this was just one of her purposes and also the most insignificant, because Mrs. Wilson would never agree Marvin to marry this woman.

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