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   Chapter 115 Dinosaur Appeared

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Lancy talked to herself. She was just like a child. In order to show her dinosaur, she couldn't wait to make a show of herself. She even raised her tail cutely. The smile on her lips was getting deeper and deeper, just like the color in her eyes.

Marvin looked at her with great interest and didn't want to interrupt her interest... Not bad. "

"Yes?" Hearing that, Lancy's eyes were shining. After getting his confirmation, she was so excited that she even narrowed her eyes into slits.

"Rani is a rabbit, Ray is a wolf..." After glancing at his son who still looked reluctant, Marvin smiled unkindly. He looked at the three of them and suddenly felt something was wrong.

Ray pulled his mother's tail and said in a calm tone, "Well, dear daddy, it seems that you have lost. There is another set in the cloakroom and I can see it is your size." And it's a pink leopard. It's said that mommy and sister picked it together.

Ray laughed out of blue and imagined a scene in his mind. In an instant, his heart was cured.

Hearing that, Lancy scratched her ears in shyness. In fact, it was not difficult for her to grasp one of her ears now. She turned her eyes to look at Marvin. After clearing her throat, she said, "yours were picked together by me and Rani. It's very suitable for you, really." It meant that he was the only one missing.

Marvin was stunned. He was supposed to be happy. But he had a bad feeling when he saw the expression on his son's face. Then she looked at his eyes full of expectations and couldn't say anything to refuse 'well, he don't think his one is like that? After all, he is a man

If his father knew what Ray was thinking, he would shout to the sky. His father was too naive! In Mommy's world, it was only cute and lovely. There was a distinction between men, women and children.

"Well, do you want to have a try?" Lancy held her chest with both hands and the light of her eyes was dazzling. She was fighting fiercely.

If it weren't for someone else, Marvin would have made a compromise.

"…… Lancy, we have a guest. " The family of four had ignored the guests for a long time, and Marvin seldom took the initiative to look at them.

The cute kid stopped and wrapped the bracelet around mommy's wrist. "Mommy, great-grandma gave it to you... Thank you, great-grandma. "

"Oh, thank you, great-grandma." Lancy felt her wrist was cold. She lowered her head to have a look. What a beautiful bracelet! It was so small, and it felt like top-grade. While she was sighing at the bracelet, she was taken away by Rani.

That was Rani's great-grandmother, not her great-grandmother.

Mrs. Wilson put her hand over her forehead. She was so scared that she almost fainted. Even though they had been ignored, now that the little girl had given her bracelets to someone else in just one sentence. She was so unpredictable at such a young age and didn't play tricks at all!

Lancy raised her eyes unconsciously and saw Mrs. Wilson, who she had met once? However, Mrs. Wils

m in terms of financial power. It's just Lancy. Her son is in charge of the financial power. Is it really good?

Someone said innocently. Ray's baby was wise enough to make it out.

This was how bad Mommy worked.

Everyone was a little embarrassed. Ray and Rani were the only two men who didn't make any comments on their mommy. They had gotten used to it.

Ray, with a straight face, squinted at his mother, and then turned to look at Mrs. Wilson and Julie, who looked unkind. He tucked both of his hands into his pocket but found nothing in it. "Mommy, I can't afford it. You can go to find daddy," he said Why didn't he want to pay for it? He had no choice but to ask his father.

'Daddy, show your generosity please.' Ray thought to himself.

Marvin and his son looked at each other and successfully captured the intention in Ray's eyes. It seemed that he was thinking of him now?

'Daddy, daddy is here!

The father and son quietly exchanged ideas. Watching their interaction, Julie's eyes were filled with sarcasm. The father son's nature was exposed to the public?

"Boss?" Lancy looked at Marvin with eager eyes. She had no other choice but to ask him for help.

But the key point was that Mrs. Wilson didn't want money. She just wanted to take back her bracelet? "I don't need your compensation!" With a backache, Mrs. Wilson stammered.

"No need to compensate. Really?" Lancy was shocked, wondering whether it was okay to be so generous? Lancy held her starry eyes, thinking that Mrs. Wilson was a good person...

Gritting her teeth, Mrs. Wilson thought, 'how stupid she is!' "I said that I don't need to compensate. It's not that you don't need to compensate. I mean..." Well, Mrs. Wilson almost passed out under the guidance of Lancy!

Lancy opened her big eyes with a clear distinction between black and white, and was obediently listening to Mrs. Wilson. Lancy became more and more confused. Then, should she compensate or not? "Mrs. Wilson, what exactly does that mean?"

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