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   Chapter 114 Great-Grandmother's Gift

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9171

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If Marvin was ice and snow, then the little girl must be the equator. Her eyes were full of passion! Maybe it was because Rani gave a bright smile, or maybe it was a special characteristic that made people like her. Surprised, Mrs. Wilson responded with a smile, "Good girl..."

God knew, Mrs. Wilson didn't want to respond at all? 'What about her authoritative?' She was determined to scout out her enemies, not to know and recognize her!

"This is the daughter you hid?" Julie sat there still like a statue! The astute black eyes are full of criticizing the child. They are also two eyes and one nose. Julie don't see that Marvin's daughter can produce a flower more than ordinary people.

Obviously, Julie feel unbalanced. It has to be said that because of her father, our lovely Rani is disliked for the first time.

Rani hated to be examined by Julie. She didn't like her vicious eyes. "Hide? 'Aunt is playing hide and seek?' Rani thought? Rani know how to play. Does Aunt want to play a ghost? " In fact, this aunt really looked like ghost.

A slice of cunning light flashed through her eyes. The child's words sounded wired to Julie, but she couldn't figure it out. A sense of repulsion rose in her heart... 'Humph, this girl is obviously Marvin's who is flirting with her father. '.

At the same time, Julie was about to seize the opportunity to make a sarcastic remark, but her opportunity was snatched by the fat guy. Fortunately, Rex had sharp ears. He clapped his hands happily and exclaimed, "Play hide and seek, Rex will play! Grandma plays a ghost, and Rani and I dodged it. …… ……"

He was implying that he and Rani were the same team. He wanted them to be there as soon as possible.

Rani a hand over her mouth and giggled. Rex was indeed the best team mate. Julie wore a long face.

Doris almost fainted and just wanted to cover her son's mouth. What was he doing at this moment? It was just because the girl was too clever. She did it on purpose, didn't she?

"Rex, you are going to school. Go to school to have fun..." Doris tried to comfort her son.

With one hand on her mom's shoulder, Rex stretched out his neck, "I want to go with Rani and Ray..."

Doris smiled. Her son had finally done something good!

As expected, the mention of Ray who hadn't shown up for a long time brought Julie and Mrs. Wilson eyes bright.

'Turns out they prefer Ray.' Rani thought to herself However, there was a trace of tease and gloat in her eyes. She pouted and sat next to her father. Her brother's play was not that easy to see.

"I knew Rani had a brother," Doris pretended to push them forward. She knew very well what her mother and grandmother thought. "Where are your brother and mother, Rani?"

Auntie, y

ord to describe? She was totally crazy! How could she dress up like this since she knew there were guests in the house?

In fact, Julie couldn't see Lancy's face clearly. Julie don't know if Lancy is ugly or beautiful. She is covered with fluffy. Only can see two eyes.

Puzzled, Mrs. Wilson covered her heart with one hand. She was so kindhearted that she almost pissed herself?

Doris covered her son's eyes and tried to make him behave himself.

Again a chain of chain reaction was triggered by accident. With an innocent expression on her face, Lancy didn't notice the existence of "others", with one hand clasped with one of Marvin's fingers and her eyes staring at her feet... Her foot was so big that it was really inconvenient. She even couldn't see the staircase.

Actually, it was not the fault of stairs at all.

The little fat boy struggled hard to get rid of his mom's hand. He then took a look at the thing in front of him and said excitedly, "Aunt Lancy is an dinosaur. Aunt Lancy is an dinosaur."

One more thing you should know, Rex is by no means an ordinary person. At this moment, Lancy is an active dinosaur. She is wearing a suit as a conjecture. She also has a long tail and her paws of the same series as hers. So it is strange that she can walk well!

Her palm sized face was hidden inside the dinosaur head, revealing only her two round eyes, flashing with pride, and she said, " So shocked, big surprise..."

Lancy, Didn't you find that "surprise" has already become "scare".

"I bought them before and haven't taken them out yet!" Lancy touched it delightedly. After leaving this place last time, she had no chance to take them away. She didn't expect that they were still in the closet, which made her very happy. She even coaxed Ray to change the clothes. They were so adorable...

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