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   Chapter 113 A Lovely Sleepover

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A perfect answer. Doris couldn't tell that the reason why she hit him was because she was jealous? Anyway, from yesterday's performance, this guy needs to be beaten. Yes, he should be beaten!

Rex turned his head and looked at the bright sky outside the window again. His royal highness came out already, but he should not get up now. "Mommy, it hurts!"

"Why don't you get up?"

The little fat boy paused for a moment and looked at Ray and Rani in the bed. Both of them were lying on the bed with their eyes closed.

Standing on the bed, the little fat boy spread out his hands and stopped putting on his clothes. In a childish tone, he said seriously, "Don't beat Ray and Rani."

"……" With one hand holding her son's trousers, Doris didn't know if she should laugh or cry. 'Does the boy really like the boy and girl twins? It's only one night and he has already calmed me down? '?

In Doris's eyes, the background music suddenly changed. Sure enough, when a son was raised up, it would be someone else's! 'Wow, what a sweet couple!' thought he.

"Fine, I won't call him. Absolutely not!" As their eyes met, Doris surrendered in the end. Would it be okay if she admitted defeat? Besides, it was impossible for her to give them a lesson in front of Marvin. No, it should be because she had never thought about it at all. Doris almost was taken into the sewer by her son.

Rex, who had been beat up, was suspicious and gave a categorical answer hesitantly with her little finger, "Keep your words and do not change within 100 years!"

Son, she was his mother, his mother?

Doris grabbed her son's finger and read the familiar lines on her lips, "are you satisfied now?"

Hearing that, a bright smile appeared on Rex's face. Rex actively held her in his arms and gave her several perfumed kisses …… "Mommy is the best."

Doris was convinced by her son. If she didn't take the bait and keep her promise, he would not follow her! How smart you are "Come on, go downstairs with me. Grandma and grandma are here to pick up Rex..."

After saying that, Doris hesitated for a while. Now she went downstairs with her son in her arms. Was it the right time to step into the thunder zone? Maybe things had already gone out of control now?

A woman with moist eyes scanned the bed This girl was going to be drunk. How could she still sleep? Without any hesitation, Doris walked out of the room with her son in her arms.

Ray finally charged after several minutes' buffer. He lay on Lancy and rubbed his mother's face with his little hands to wake her up in the most effective way.

The fat boy's grandmother and Great-grandmother referred to the two people in the Lu Clan, right? Pondering over it, Ray could probably guess why the two men came to see him, his sister, and his mother Finally, here came the moment. Ray had a detailed research on Lu Clan. Ray was very excited and looked forward to the "war"

Ray rubbed betwee

y flashed across Marvin's eyes. Well, with the character of Lancy, her son should have a way as well. No wonder Rani appeared earlier than Ray today.

The baby, Rani, was eating carrots, and her bright eyes looked at Mrs. Wilson covertly. As a matter of fact, it was the first time she had seen the real lady. Although she knew a lot from her brother, the benefactor was exactly the same as she imagined.

Excited, she began to leech on her food. When Rani saw her dear daddy waving to her, she leaped towards him. She was really putting in a good word for her daddy.

"Where did the carrot come from?" Marvin lowered his eyes and touched the tip of her nose.

"Mrs. Lena specially pickled it for me..." Rani put the carrot into Marvin's mouth and asked, "How's that? Does it taste good?"

It tasted sweet, salty and refreshing! Marvin nodded slightly, disagreeing, "Not yet. I don't think it's a good idea to eat something like this."

Rani stuck her tongue out and thought, 'I've already taken the pill. Next time Let's talk about it next time. '.

This was not the point? The point was that the saliva on the carrot Boss, if things keep going on like this, I think our children will also be able to accept the fact, right?

Looking at the "little rabbit", Mrs. Wilson asked after a long time, "is this the kid?" Is she a girl? What about the boy?

"Rani, this is your grandma. This is your Great-aunt." Marvin's introduction was extremely simple. There was no talkative, no warmth or affection in his words. It was almost the same as introducing an outsider.

Although knowing her father well, Rani wasn't surprised by his cold attitude towards her. She was a polite girl and she didn't want to follow her father's steps!

TSK, TSK. Daddy was just not a good boy anymore. He was so cold and indifferent. He would smile only when he was suffering! With a pink smile on her pink lips, Rani greeted them in a sweet voice, "Hello, grandma."

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