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   Chapter 112 Let's Look For Trouble

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Speaking of the little fat guy, there was a slight twitch on Marvin's face for a second. He chewed his lips slightly and gnashed his teeth in suspicion. Doris's heart was about to jump out of her throat and called him "murderer"!

What the hell had they done to her son? It was clearly an expression of killing, wasn't it? Mrs. Doris, you must get a treat for your brain fart! I'm begging you not to give up.

Julie and Mrs. Wilson stared at Marvin fixedly. His face was even darker than that of the king of hell. It seemed that he was a devil who was good at killing people. What if they have prejudice?

The man's eyes were obviously cold, which made Doris shiver. Then she realized that the woman was talking to someone.

Doris swallowed and took a big step back by instinct... …… She was not afraid at all as her mother and grandmother were there. She believed that Marvin's cousin wouldn't do anything to her! "Well, I'm here to pick up Rex to the kindergarten."

Both of Julie and Mrs. Wilson covered their faces. How could they not see and hear? 'it seems that she is less powerful than I thought. She is a tough woman. Why does she look so weak now?

Doris pouted and looked at her mother and grandmother with tears in her eyes. They knew that she was afraid of Marvin the most. She wanted to be tough, but it was really impossible!

Marvin crossed his arms over his chest, glancing at the clock on the wall, a triumphant smile forming on his face. 'Should I be glad that they didn't visit my home until dawn? "Oh It's almost the same time. You mean Rex goes to the kindergarten at this time? "

Domestic pressure on students had already affected the children?

Doris smiled awkwardly with her face stiff and numb. She touched her face with an awkward smile and explained with a pale face: "it's really hard for Rex to get up. I'm really worried that he might disturb your sleep."

A hint of coldness flashed in Marvin's eyes. He had no intention to continue. Could he say that he had been disturbed all the night.

Doris continued to smirk. Did she say something wrong? Marvin's face even dark than before.

Doris looked at Mrs. Wilson for help. Her opponent was so strong that the conversation couldn't go on any longer. What a bad luck.

With the help of Julie, Mrs. Wilson managed to calm herself down and took Doris's hand to sit down. For the sake of Rex, she tacitly said nothing about the twins and Lancy. As a result, Mrs. Wilson was extremely curious about them, as tens of thousands of monsters were roaring...

You should keep calm on the surface and not let your opponent know what you're thinking.

Doris wanted to say something but hesitated. Being stared at silently by her mother, Julie sat down reluctantly. After all, she thought she was more consideration.

Hearing that, Marvin raised his eyebrows. An expression of understanding flashed across his eyes. As expected, aged

ted her left hand high and aimed at the little fatty's butt. With a sound of "bang", it was so crisp and numb!

Rex opened his sleepy eyes abruptly. His eyes were bright, and his mind went blank. With a focus in his eyes, he looked ahead blankly. What had happened?

However, Rex woke up after rubbing her eyelids. One of them was on the left side of Lancy, and the other one was on the right side of Lancy. Then, everyone knew why a little baby like Rex could lean someone's chest. The big boss would be in a bad mood, because there had already had no place for him.

Ray stared at Doris without blinking. His eyes were still drowsy, which made him less shrewd and childish.

Doris felt a chill down her spine. The little boy was just like Marvin.

In fact, everyone who was familiar with Ray knew that he looked like this when he just got up. Because his brain and body could keep balance, he habitually stared in a certain direction. Unfortunately, Doris's location was the love of Ray.

In fact, he didn't stare at her.

Smelling the unique fragrance of her mother, Rani held Lancy in her arms tightly, not letting go or opening her eyes. Rani didn't care about whether the outside world was occupied by aliens or robbed by aliens. She felt safe with her daddy

Yes, daddy was solving the problem for you. ……

"Mommy?" The little fat boy woke up a little bit, rubbed his cold and painful butts and sat up. He stared at the girl in front of him. It was not until he looked familiar that he recognized her was his mom. "What happened exactly?"

It seemed like there were tears in Rex's eyes. He looked at his mother with his bright eyes. He was a brave man and he would be the knight in future to protect Rani. It was not wise to shed tears on a man.

But mom, that didn't mean that he could bear the pain.

Doris choked herself with anger. She tried hard to put on her son's clothes and said, "Get up and go to kindergarten."

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