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   Chapter 111 Lu Clan, Julie

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Suddenly, Mrs. Wilson said nothing. She looked at her daughter hesitantly, not sure whether she should know that Marvin might have a son. For one thing, she was worried that she would irritate her daughter too much; for another, it was still unknown. It would be better if it was not true.

However, Wilson was still very unstable with no news coming up. It was hard to say whether he had been out on business or entered some ecstatic den.

Julie continued. She didn't notice the change on her mother's face. When Mrs. Wilson was about to tell her daughter, another unexpected visitor came.

Doris was annoyed that her son ran away with that woman. On second thought, she didn't go back to her own house. Instead, she went to the Lu mansion! She didn't know what to do with her cousin, but grandmother could, at least?

On the way, Doris felt more and more suspicious, especially the twins. There were too many doubts in her heart, so she turned the steering wheel and turned to the Lu mansion.

"Grandma, something wrong..." Then, Doris was surprised to see her mother. "Mom, when did you come back?"

The rage in her heart soon dissipated. Julie had only one daughter. Who else would she love except her? "I just arrived. What are you doing here? Where is Rex?"

"Rex..." At the mention of the Rex, Doris felt a little ashamed. Since grandma and her mother were present, she told them what had happened today thoroughly. In the end, she looked at her grandmother and asked, "Grandma, what's going on? Isn't Marvin married? Why is his kids older than Rex?"

Mrs. Wilson's face turned pale as well. Her hands were shaking, trying to pull the sleeves of Julie!

After a long time, Julie reacted first. She asked in a pale voice, "Doris, are you sure Is Marvin the kid's father? "

As for Mrs. Wilson, she was immersed in the heavy blow and didn't come back to her senses for a long time. Her world collapsed! Mrs. Wilson looked at her granddaughter lovingly.

Doris took the file out of her bag. When she left the kindergarten, she especially got the information of the two children from the kindergarten's principal. There were also pictures above the paper, which was clear.

Julie held on to the paper of Ray. Although they were twins, the boys were more like Marvin in terms of temperament than girls. Of course no man could marry a girl if she looks like Marvin? This was not good.

With eyes almost popped out, Mrs. Wilson stared at the baby and muttered, "He is definitely Marvin's son. He is six years old... Is they really six years old? "

"It's... it's impossible!" Julie was totally stunned. She couldn't believe that Marvin had a son who was always alone. He was six years old now! The child in the photo looked exactly like Marvin!

are Marvin offend Rex?" Julie rolled her eyes at him. She was worried about her grandson and daughter. She blamed her daughter. Why did she just let Marvin take Rex away? 'Oh, now I know I'm anxious, what else can I do?

Mrs. Wilson nodded. It was time for her to meet Lancy. "Doris, don't worry. Your grandma will pick up Rex with you tomorrow morning. By then, Marvin won't hurt a child."

And it was also decided that Julie would attend the formal meeting of Marvin. After all, she was his aunt?

In the middle of the night, Julie and her mother had a long talk. Doris came back to her own house. It was a nightmare echoing in her dream, in which Rex lived a miserable life.

Finally, it was dawn. Doris got up earlier than usual and was waiting for Mrs. Wilson to drive her car.

Compared with Doris's feeling, the other side of Marvin had a good night's sleep! When Mrs. Wilson and her family arrived at the villa, they found that Marvin was still sleeping comfortably in bed, not waking up at all.

Mrs. Wilson was so arrogant that the Butler couldn't block them outside. In desperation, he had to inform their master, Marvin.

With pajamas on, Marvin stepped on the slippers bought by Marvin and went downstairs unhurriedly. He glanced at the three people on the ground and indifferently looked at Julie, who was fighting in the air with no compromise.

The first one who lost her patience was Doris. She ran her neck, trying to cut off the 'talk' between Marvin and his mother, but couldn't see her son. She was almost driven mad! "How about my Rex?"

Doris had pictured the scene in her mind for the whole night that her baby boy had moved to a kennel and been fed with dog food, and was even ridden by a boy and a girl as a horse. How could Doris calm herself down? Only when her son was alive could she feel at ease.

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