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   Chapter 110 As Long As You Stay With Me

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9689

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"No problem. Let's get inside." The villa was the same as it was when Lancy left. The kitten at the staircase was still lying there, waiting for the hostess to come back.

Seeing that, Lancy didn't know what to say anymore. She walked into the house while jumping up and down. She had nothing to fear and be reserved. None of these was all important!

So what was the most important thing for Lancy?

The two little kids stared at their parents thoughtfully and took the little fat boy upstairs.

There was no doubt about the look on kids' face. It conveyed a message silently, "Daddy, there is only one chance. If you can't seize it, you will regret it."

Rex didn't annoy at all. He was after happiness. He felt so happy that Rani hold his little hands. …… …… Rex was overjoyed …… Rex, please wipe the saliva from the mouth carelessly. Can you really think you are good enough to blister?

Rex came to his uncle's house for the first time. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he didn't care what magic horses in the villa at all. But soon he was totally attracted by the "activities room".

In fact, it was large enough even though it was called the moving room. A special children's playing room, which was just too shocking. Of course, according to the standards of children around five or six years old.

Rex showed he was enviously and hatefully. He would drool like a horse. He also wanted this room!

The three kids then left, leaving Lancy and Marvin staring at each other.

Lancy licked her lips. She was pink and covered with a layer of water, which looked very appetizing. This was in a male's thought. Our boss wanted to kill us.

"Why are you so afraid of me?" Marvin stares at Lancy, who looks down on her head. Marvin is helpless. She danced with joy in front of the kids, but when she came to him, she behaved herself. She didn't know what she should do.

"I am not!" Lancy continued to lowered her head and didn't forget to retort.

"No. why don't you raise your head?"

Marvin raised Lancy's face with one hand, blushing, her bright eyes dodging, unwilling to open her eyes. At this moment, the man seemed to understand something, his eyes were full of gentleness.

It seemed that Lancy had listened to him and kept his words in mind. Otherwise, she wouldn't be like this.

Lancy struggled to get rid of Marvin's hand, patted on her hot face and shook her head! However, since she was with Marvin alone, the scene he had asked her on the island that day kept ringing in her ears. It was as if a read machine was playing across her ears. Lancy thought that she had been possessed by a ghost, which was too horrible to bear.

Her ears were red because of the scratch. Lancy was indeed bothered, never before. She was too single-minded to understand love. Lancy couldn't make out what was on Marvin's mind, nor did she have any ambiguous relationship wit

ar the resentment from the bottom of her heart, either. As the daughter of the eldest branch, she looked down upon her sworn brothers, while the son of the youngest branch had taken away everything that should have belonged to her from her.

At the mention of Marvin, Julie couldn't help clenching her teeth out of hatred!

As for Mr. Sidney, Julie hadn't called him father for a long time. Since then, Mr. Sidney had been in seclusion and never asked to see her, even once! In this way, the relationship between the father and the daughter was reduced to the freezing point.

Therefore, when Mrs. Wilson mentioned the past of Sidney and his indifference as well as his indulgence to Marvin, Julie couldn't help but get angry. "Mr. Sidney shows partiality to Marvin!"

Mrs. Wilson touched her daughter's hand lovingly. Who said no? Mr. Sidney is always partial. "My dearest daughter!"! Yes, she didn't have a son, but it wasn't in the feudal society anymore. Women were able to enjoy almost half of the weight of the group. Besides, Julie was a smart and capable woman. Why couldn't she inherit the group?

She could understand her daughter's blame, because her mother also blame. When Mrs. Wilson heard her daughter call her husband "Mr. Sidney", she didn't feel anything strange. In fact, in the past ten years, she had been used to the way her daughter talked to Mr. Sidney.

"Why did he come back in such a hurry?" Without noticing it, Julie began to think of a conspiracy. In the past ten years, Marvin was a kind of "nourishing" company, but now he suddenly stayed at home and didn't leave anymore, so it must be a conspiracy. "Or, he is finally going to take over Wilson Group?"

In the past ten years, Marvin had been kind to everyone. Considering their families, he hadn't taken any actions against them. Julie didn't believe that. At this moment, Julie was wondering if Marvin was going to expose his ambition?

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