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   Chapter 109 Little Fat Boy Acting Cute

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Lancy's eyes were shining and her face flushed, which made her a little dizzy It turned out that she was not ill, but adorable!

The little fat body, Rex, his soft voice and arrogance were definitely what her ideal baby looked like!

"Well, Mrs. Doris, I can go home with Rex tonight if you don't mind..." Lancy licked her face. She liked the swollen face so much Hence, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to the girls! "After all, we are relatives..."

"Really?" The little fat boy's face lit up with excitement.

Hey, Rex. Doris was in a good mood?

We are a family. That's just exaggerated opinion? Doris really wanted to kick the table and roared in her mind, 'this woman hasn't married into the Lu Clan yet. They are not family at all!'!

How dare She be more thick skinned? How dare Lancy!

"Of course. It's Rex's request. Rex is Rani's friend." Hearing that, Lancy smiled like a flower. Hearing that, both Ray and Rani could not bear to look at her mother. If mother meant to beg a child, what could she do?

Then Rani corrected her mother, "No, he is not a friend. He is our brother."

"Yes, yes, yes. It's a boy!" After making up his mind, Lancy turned to Marvin and said, "Your uncle Marvin glad to see you, aren't you? Marvin."

However, Lancy seemed to have forgotten an important question. Since she moved out of Marvins house due to the engagement, Marvin had been worrying that there might be a chance to take her back Who would have thought that the opportunity was so easy to reach?

Marvin dropped his gaze to hide his smug face, and pretended to think about it.

Hearing what he said, Lancy became anxious. She stubbornly pulled Marvin with her small hands, with two black pearl like eyes full of begging. "God bless me, boss is the best. Can you help me to miscarry?"? The little fat boy was so cute and lovely. She had to take him back!

Take him home? Lancy, is there concern about the feelings of other people?

Doris's face turned as black as ink. Shouldn't she ask for her consent about this kind of thing? Begging for Marvin's mercy was just a piece of cake?

Marvin enjoyed the coquetry of women, and he knew when to stop. Marvin nodded and turned to Doris, "Rex will be our guest today. You can pick him up after school tomorrow."

"Oh, uncle Marvin. You are the best. I love you the most!" Looking at the little fat boy, he was so happy"

You don't need to know the word "watch".

"Oh, my boss is the best. That's a pleasant decision!" Lancy clapped her hands and complimented Marvin generously.

However, the poor Doris felt quite flattered. Had she made the decision so happily? Oh, shit, the definition of happiness is really that magic horse? That was her son, her son? Why is he ignoring me? ' What hurt Doris more was her baby son. The little boy happily waved his hand to say goodbye t

m and dad is better." with knitted eyebrows, Xin Xinxin thought about it and said, "mom is good-looking, so is aunt. She is fragrant, too!" 'what a poor fat boy! He has been stimulated by perfume all year round. Now that he has a natural fragrance, he won't let me go!' thought the woman.

But little fat boy, do you know how much an extra bottle of perfume will you give me?

With a proud face, Ray pretended to be calm and straightened his waist, 'this little guy knows!'! He would forgive the guilty one who took my place!

But the two buns didn't know that her mother was more smiling. Hiding behind Xinxin, she endured the whole thing hard, really hard!

All this had been noticed by Marvin, who couldn't open his eyes due to the flashing light in his eyes.

If you didn't pay attention to it, we would arrive at the destination soon. At the moment when Lancy got off the car, she was stunned. More precisely, Lancy was stunned. "What? Is it here?"

"Any problem?" Marvin continued as if he knew the answer. He observed her face with interest. He didn't disappoint her.

Lancy, how dare you be a little insensitive?

'Mommy, how dare you be a little bit more insensitive?

This is what the father and son think to their daughter. Ray and Rani rolled their eyes and felt speechless. Mom, couldn't you see through dad's tricks?

According to the present situation, mom would be "eaten" by dad for the rest of her life It was a free gift.

Lancy was about to say something, but she didn't know what it was. She just felt strange. By the way, didn't they move out?

Move out? Marvin didn't think so. They three just went on vacation She was indeed on the island for a vacation. Besides, they didn't pack any luggage when they left that day. It couldn't be considered as "moving out".

'What a lame excuse, Mr. Marvin! Why are you being so argumentative? Your grandfather know it?

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