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   Chapter 108 Rani, Why Not Form A Team

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9680

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"Call me sister! !" As Rex burst into tears, Rani ordered from above.

Coming back to her senses, Rani winked at Ray and said playfully, "Hey, call me pretty sister. I'll play with you."

"Sister! "Rani!" Before Rani could finish her words, Rex greeted her in a cheerful voice. The fat boy had told that he could do anything as long as Rani was willing to play with him!

'It's so beautiful, Rani, ' he thought to himself ……

The little fat boy's face was as red as an apple. Somehow, he called out again, "SIS Rani..."

Mrs. Doris couldn't stand up any more Wasn't he a bully or an emperor? Is it really appropriate to behave like that? If the children of Sen Clan saw this scene, they would definitely cry and faint in the bathroom. The little fat boy was the youngest child in Sen Clan. No matter how they coaxed the little boy, he didn't call him brother or sister.

'Damn it. Now he is happily calling her little girl. How distressed...'

With arched eyebrows, Rani patted the fat boy on the shoulder and consoled, "That's a good boy, sweetheart."

This time, the fat boy was cooked lobster. It was red from head to toe. In front of Rani, he was more obedient than the little pet Tina.

"Mom, I'm not leaving. Rex just have to go with Rani." It suddenly occurred to Rex an important thing. He turned around and said to Doris.

Doris understood what her son was talking about. The boy and girl had just dropped out of school.

The fat boy said with a serious look on his face, and a determined look shone in his eyes. "Where are you going, SIS Rani? It's no big deal. Let's go to school together and have fun together."

Well, little fat boy, should you change your surname too? 'Is he really a husband, such a loyal dog?'?

It was absolutely not her fault. Rani had taught the fat boy a good lesson, but he just wanted to teach her a lesson The only conclusion was that his personal charisma wasn't able to resist it Said Portia, pouting.

"……" Rex, your mother was about to vomit blood, but she was reluctant to make it.

The little fat boy tilted his head to one side and looked straight into his mom's eyes. He didn't even blink his eyes. Instead, he kept a straight face and grabbed Rani's hand. "I'm determined to go back and forth with you," he said.

Smiling, Lancy touched the heads of her daughter and Rex lovingly. "I didn't expect my daughter Rani to have such a good friend at kindergarten. I'm really happy."

Hearing her mother's question, Rani turned her head and looked at her mother, confused. 'Mom, do you still remember who invited me to the school for?

Rex scratched his head shyly. He just freaked out before realizing what happened 'Rani, I'm not a coward. What if I was caught? What if I was caught red handed?'!

Doris looked at her son, speechless. Who on earth had helped her? At this moment, as a mother, Sophia couldn't do anything

re happy. As for Rex, he can't escape just by looking at his hip.

How cold-blooded his uncle was! Rex was going to miscarry for him? It seemed that Patricia was just making fun of her twin babies!

'can we have some fun?'?

Rex suddenly felt a chill on the back of her head. He turned around and saw his cold uncle as well as his distorted face. It was hard to tell whether he was crying or laughing, and then Then he turned around again. He was playing with Rani. Yes, he was making every minute

"Rex, school is over. We are going home." Doris didn't know what to say anymore. She had to put it straight since her son didn't want to leave her alone.

However, to her surprise, Rex's face darkened at once. Realizing that he didn't have to deal with such an unreasonable girl as Rani, Rex immediately stood up like a bully, with his hands resting on his round waist. "No. I'm going to play with Rani all the time."

The little fat boy looked at his mommy angrily. He was totally not going to give in.

Doris just wanted to kick his ass. naughty boy for three days? Then she said through gritted teeth, "Their mom want to take Ray and Rani home."

After pausing for a while, Rex turned to look at Ray and Rani, Lancy and Marvin. He told Rani that he was on good terms with her.

He looked like that he was reluctant to leave and he felt a little aggrieved. At that moment, Lancy's heart skipped a beat because of jealousy!

"Rani ……" A childish, soft voice had melted everything

With her eyes wide open, Doris's head was rubbing against Sue's. "Rex, I say it again. Children need to go home after school. They can also play with them in kindergarten tomorrow, OK?"

Rex held his mouth tight and heavily snorted. His image presented vividly how he felt at the moment. He was not in a good mood at all!

Marvin's attention had been totally attracted by Lancy. His thin lips twitched. Was she swollen again?

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