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   Chapter 107 The PK Between Twins And Grandfather

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Lancy scratched her head. Obviously, she still remembered this 'general manager' because 'general manager' always said something she didn't understand. Therefore, she had no communication with him in normal cases, let alone having fun... Impossible!

"This grandpa, did you forget to brush your teeth when you go out?" Covering her little mouth in an exaggerated way, Rani looked both innocent and romantic, full of surprise. "You're so naughty. Rani know I have to brush my teeth every day to clean up my mouth."

"Daddy, I'm a good girl, right?" Rani cuddled Marvin, acting coquettishly. But from what she said, it could be told that she loathed Wilson extraordinary.

It's just the stinky mouth. Every time he open him mouth, it stinks. Rani wrinkled her nose and turned her face away in disgust.

Smelly mouth? Lancy didn't doubt her daughter's words at all, and she couldn't tell what other people meant. She sniffed carefully, as if she had really smelled the strange smell?

The girl stared at Wilson mercilessly. As far as she was concerned, wven if the Wilson's brain is sick, life habits are not good. "Boss's Mommy, it's not easy." She was referring to Sherry, Marvin's mother.

'Oh, no! Mr. Wilson is such a playboy. If I were him, I would have...' What a poor boss's mommy to have such a man!

Lancy's thoughts were all shown on her face. This woman was so straightforward that everyone could hear her dirty words... And the person who boasted himself of being smart was not an idiot!

"Lancy, you haven't entered the Lu Clan yet, but you begin to care about Sherry?" Mrs. Wilson sneered and stared at Marvin mischievously. "As her son, Marvin doesn't care about her at all. Why do you pretend to care about Sherry... It's hard to say whether it's your future mother-in-law or not. "

Wilson couldn't control himself anymore. He spoke without thinking. Now he didn't have the cultivation and reputation that a "upper class" or a successful man should have. He was just like a bold man who hadn't received any education.

Marvin wasn't angry, really, he wasn't angry at all. Because he knew his father. He knew exactly what his father was worried about and afraid. That was why he said that.

When a man was threatened, his words and behaviors would indeed be different from the usual.

Although Marvin didn't get angry, it didn't mean that he would just let Wilson attack Lancy!

"Whether you admit it or not, Ray is my eldest son." The cold and aloof Marvin was as calm as always, but as cruel as well. Using such an attitude, he was reminding Wilson of the unchanged fact.

"Don't forget that no matter what happened, I am still your father!" Did Marvin just ignore his presence? No son would marry a woman without asking for his

The little fat guy was not as domineering as he was before. He said in an incredible soft tone. One could see how much he liked Rani. As he approached Rani, he took a chocolate out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Rani, it is yours. From now on, I'll give you all the best food in the world. Trust me."

"Rex! !" Doris raised her voice and couldn't believe it. Was he really her son? Was he really acting like a bully in this family?

Suddenly, Doris thought of a little emperor who was playing roughshod at home with a group of people following him. She felt very jealous and sad! Did her dear son hate that girl?

Doris's heart was instantly stabbed by a sharp sword, and her pretty face was distorted a lot.

Ray crossed his arms over his chest, making it clear that he didn't want to get involved in this matter. He really wanted to watch a show.

Rani looked at Rex with her big black and white eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Doris's distorted face. Suddenly, she felt that the little fat boy was also very interesting... …… ……

'Rex called daddy uncle?' Then, what should he call her? Rani frowned and complained to herself, 'Daddy has so many family members'

Rex fiddled with his fingers nervously, thinking that he had messed with Rani again. He lowered his head, his eyes red.

He was a man and didn't want to cry. Rani didn't like cowardly kids, and she didn't like to see them cry either! Rex still remembered that Rani's look of disgust when Ross cried.

The little fat boy tried his best to hold back the tears, which hurt his mom deeply! If possible, Doris wanted to take her son away and transfer to another school tomorrow! Doris's son had never been so aggrieved?

However, Marvin was just a few steps away. Doris could not get angry, let alone act rashly! Doris felt so sorry for her son.

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