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   Chapter 106 Naughty Kids

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The principal, who had thought that Lancy would help her, kept smiling kindly towards her. At this moment, she even hinted that there was no need for her to drop out of school. It was not right for the parents to "dismount" from the school!

The poor principal had no idea how honest this girl was.

She felt her throat was blocked by a mouthful of blood, she felt sorry for the lady.

The clever teacher, Miss Carol shut up in silence and refused to talk anymore.

As for Doris, she finally got the point because of the principal's' reminder! "What's wrong? How could you have a child at this age? Grandma, does she know that? "

This is Doris's first reaction. Is Mrs. Wilson aware of it? She couldn't get her eyes off the two kids, because it was too shocking for her. She had never thought that her cousin, who was from such a rich family, would get married or even have children, even older than her son.

That's ridiculous. When does Marvin need to ask for his grandma's permission to have his own child when he gets married?'? If she didn't agree, would he be lonely all his life?

Waking up from shock, Doris became clear in her mind. She stared at Lancy thoughtfully, and then looked at Marvin. Combined with the current structure of the Lu Clan, she finally realized the seriousness of the matter.

Her grandma, Mrs. Wilson, and her mother, Julie, were all talking about Marvin. Influenced by family education, she always took the side of her mother and grandmother.

The more Doris thought about this, the more angry Doris became!

Marvin noticed that Doris was pulling her phone, so he snorted, "Mrs. Wilson already knew." Without her notice, he would never deliberately hide the existence of Lancy and the children. His women and children need to be hidden?

Now the time was ripe. Even before, Marvin was confident of nobody!

Doris was dumbfounded. She held her phone awkwardly, and the phone number on the screen was the contact information of Lu mansion. The paintings were carefully painted and full of doubts. If Mrs. Wilson had known that, it was impossible for her to be so calm or without any information. It was impossible.

At this moment, Wilson, who was following behind Marvin, finally arrived at the office. When he stepped out of the office, he was dumbfounded. From his perspective, he saw clearly the baby in Lancy's arms...

"Oh my God!" Wilson screamed out in disbelief. He rubbed his eyes, and both of his eyes turned red, but he still didn't want to give up. If the child in front of him could not exist, he would really like to cripple him.

'He looks so much like an unfilial son. No one will doubt our relationship. Even Wilson, couldn't find a way to bring trouble to him. Especially his eyes Wilson looked at the baby in front of him in a daze. The baby overlapped the little boy who was called Marvin. Was this really his

d cold. He raised his sword and stared at Wilson.

Wilson pouted her lips to show his dissatisfaction, but he abnormally didn't shut up. "Did I say something wrong? You are good at hiding. Your son has grown up... Humph, are you sure he is your child? "

It's just for attacking. Wilson is upset. He's super upset His heart was filled with all kinds of emotions. Right now, he was like a out of control gun. He fired as soon as he saw them, as if moving his mouth could erase the relationship between his children and Marvin.

A dog's mouth emits no ivory. Just like Wilson.

"Anyway, I will never admit him!" A flicker of evilness and cruelty flashed in his eyes, and he finally regained some reason from the blow. Wilson looked at Ray, and his expression changed again and again without any emotion.

Because in such a short period of time, this six-year-old child had been viewed as Wilson's deadly foe. Therefore, the existence of Ray was his biggest stumbling block!

Both Ray and Rani officially added this so-called "Grandpa" to the blacklist. Just like ordinary people, he was also entitled "enemy".

"Does it matter that you admit it?" Marvin gazed at Wilson coldly with a disdainful smile. He had never been hurt by his words or behaviors.

Hearing that, Wilson pulled a long face. He didn't even try to put on a smiling face. He turned to Lancy and said, "No wonder you have to be with him. No wonder there are so many women who don't love money! It turns out that you have already had a son. You are more ambitious than I expected. "

You just pretend that you care little about money and that you are innocent and kind-hearted. You are a woman, and you are all the same deep in your heart! His mistress, Sara, was so naive to think that her son can make her get everything.

As a typical male chauvinist, Wilson had always looked down upon women As if he were born by a man, like a sand pig!

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