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   Chapter 104 Boss Refused To Marry

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9685

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"I don't want her." It was so easy to say these words out of Marvin's mouth that even Marvin himself was surprised.

Then, who was the person he wanted? Unexpectedly, the smile on the girl's face appeared in front of Marvin. She was not noble at all and was not a lady at all. But strangely, her smile affected his mood.

Ellen lowered her head dejectedly and pulled the hem of her clothes uneasily, looking very embarrassed.

Mrs. Wilson almost screamed. What does he want? The woman outside? In front of Elliot, Mrs. Wilson didn't want to get the woman outside involved. She thought thatthose didn't deserve to get in Lu Clan at all. They were just Marvin's plaything.

However, what Marvin did next infuriated her. Mrs. Wilson even doubted that the reason why he resisted her was that she could do nothing to him.

All of a sudden, Ellen looked up and gathered all her courage, "I believe love can be developed." Although he didn't like her, Ellen still wanted to have a try. At least, he could give each other a chance.

"I'm sorry, I..."

Not wanting to hear any refusal from Marvin, Mrs. Wilson interrupted him in a tough manner. "Ellen is right. It's settled then. From now on, let's start to cultivate your relationship... You can't find a better choice in Alaska. " He had refused many women before.

"I refuse."

"You must listen to me!"

"What if I don't?"

"You must listen to me!" This time, Ellen and him... She would never make a mistake again. She would order someone to watch him. She would never allow him to run away again!

"I'm your grandmother. If you respect me, you have to listen to me."

"You must listen to me."

In the end, Mrs. Wilson was saying the same sentence repeatedly and tirelessly. After that, Marvin put down the documents in his hands and looked up at her slightly.

Mrs. Wilson lowered her head and swore.

"No matter what, you must marry Ellen. Only she is a perfect match for you!" Mrs. Wilson couldn't help but feel a little proud. After all, Marvin had refused almost all ladies from families of equal social status. He had no choice.

"And my son will has marriage with the Ye Clan?" Marvin's tone was so tender that anyone who heard it would get goosebumps. "But, grandma, there is one thing you should know..."

The phone on the table suddenly rang. Marvin lowered his eyes. The coldness in his eyes was replaced by intoxicating tenderness. This was the face of everyone present, including his biological father who Wilson had never seen before. It was not a fake smile, but a heartfelt one

The short message, sent by Lancy, was enough to melt the most solid ice in the world ---- boss, your son and daughter have made trouble... It's so unlucky that they have offended your relatives. Please deal with the aftermath as soon as possible.

It was the first time that Lancy said your daughter and son and it was the fi

sharp eyes, was the first to notice Marvin's arrival. She pursed her lips and ran towards him with her short legs. "Daddy, someone is bullying me..."

She couldn't help thinking that they were all the relatives of the Lu Clan. They were so arrogant that they even bullied twins? In an instant, Rani's face darkened

Behind Doris, the fat guy almost fell to the ground. Who on earth bullied her?

Marvin caught Rani in time and his eyebrows were knitted immediately! Rani was always smiling. Why did she cry?

Grievance filled her misty eyes. Her delicate daughter skillfully crawled into his arms, firmly put her arms around his neck, and choked, "Daddy, they're bad. They're bullying Rani, brother and Mommy! They are forced to drop out of school... "

Upon hearing her words, Marvin kept his mouth shut and stared at the principal...

The principal turned around and saw Marvin. Her shoulder shivered as she recognized the man in front of him. He was a tough guy.

"Hey, here comes a helper. I'd like to see..." Doris couldn't believe what she had heard. She rubbed her eyes and couldn't believe the man was in front of her.

"Drop out?" Marvin lifted his daughter with one hand and walked towards Doris and the principal step by step as if he was an emperor.

Doris was only afraid of one person in her life She could act coquettishly, strong and powerful with anyone, except this person - the person who walked up to her step by step.

Doris had little contact with Marvin, so she was very familiar with him. She had been talking with him as a kid.

In the past ten years, she vaguely remembered that she had only seen Marvin twice at her grandfather's birthday party. Perhaps it was because of the influence of her grandmother, Mrs. Wilson, who was not good at memorizing other people's looks, Doris unconsciously ignored Marvin's existence. She really didn't remember his appearance before she saw Marvin.

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