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   Chapter 103 A War To Protect Babies

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9340

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She hung her head and counted her fingers, muttering, without hearing Doris's attacking words at all. She was busy at the moment!

What are you busy with? If Doris is the granddaughter of Mrs. Wilson, then is Doris Marvin's sister?

'Should I report this to boss?' With a guilty conscience, Lancy looked at the babies. 'I have offended my boss's sister or elder sister. Did I really get into trouble?'

Actually, it was not Lancy's fault. Anyway, it was boss's sister who attacked the babies, she had no choice... Yes, she must convey her mind perfectly. Boss, please be considerate. That's it.

The two kids shrugged their shoulders. A smile crept up on their faces.

The two buns looked the same as they had done nothing wrong.

Pitifully, Lancy stretched out her index finger and taped the message one by one in a very slow speed, Boss, your son and daughter got into trouble... It's so unlucky that they have offended your relatives. Please deal with the aftermath as soon as possible.

Marvin really admired the man in front of him. What a shameless man! After a series of things, he could still talk to him brazenly. They really didn't want to share these old things with each other. He was tired of it, OK.

Perhaps the man's eyes were so piercing and ironic that Wilson touched his face subconsciously and withdrew behind Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson had a fantasy about Ye Clan's leaving. But these days, the Ye Clan never paid attention to her. She had been making excuses to come for several times but failed. It was then that Mrs. Wilson felt she was abandoned by her family.

The more likely Mrs. Wilson was to lose her composure, the more she was to cling to her marriage with Marvin! With the shrewdness of Mrs. Wilson and her understanding of Marvin, didn't she know that the previous things had already made Marvin very dissatisfied? Didn't she know that it was not appropriate to press Marvin too hard?

She understood, but the reality was that she couldn't wait for Marvin to calm down! In particular, Marvin was already having an affair! She was afraid that her plan would go to waste if another woman got pregnant.

Therefore, Mrs. Wilson came to the group again, just to block the way of Marvin.

Mrs. Wilson pretended not to see his sarcastic expression and his displeasure. "I'm here for you." Mrs. Wilson acting like an elder.

Marvin, who was still vigorous, casually leaned back and spread his hands, "Of course you wants to see me."

"Forget about your marriage with Ye Clan. It's all my fault. I was deceived by Ye Clan... I really don't know that Zelda's private life was so promiscuous when she was studying abroad. "

Weren't she praising Zelda as if she were a fairy before?

In order to soothe Marvin's anger, she deliberately ignored hi

Ye Clan in the future. This is your real plan... Elliot, am I right? "

This was really Mrs. Wilson's real plan. Firstly, she would completely control the marriage of Marvin, which, of course, Ellen is easy to control at first sight. Secondly, she had to find a way to ease her relationship with her family. The marriage with the eldest grandson of the Lu Clan was the most persuasive. Last, she would also try to keep the youngest grandson of the Lu Clan under control.

It would do her good by killing three birds with one stone.

Elliot shrugged his shoulders and Mrs. Wilson's face twitched. Instead of being guilty, she looked more arrogant.

"So what? Zelda is an excellent girl from a well-off family, as you are very satisfied with her!" Mrs. Wilson straightened her back and replied confidently, "Either you dislike their dullness, or you don't look at them at all. How do you look at Ellen? I'd like to hear what you can pick out."

Mrs. Wilson's carefully portrayed face trembled, and she couldn't help saying, "no matter what my plans for your children are, you will always get married and have your own children. Do you still want to be alone for a lifetime? Ellen is such a perfect girl. What else do you want? "

Is there anything wrong? Upon hearing this, Marvin responded with a sneer. He had never been satisfied with a woman?

"She is not the right one for me." Marvin retorted nonchalantly.

"Why" Mrs. Wilson was on the verge of collapse. "Isn't she dignified and demure enough? Wasn't she the kind that could make husband proud? Don't you think she is a good wife? "

Ellen might be noble, virtuous. But Ellen was a typical woman like Mrs. Wilson. She was just like a puppet, lifeless! More importantly, all this was just an appearance, presented by them after rigorous training, but the true inner quality was the opposite.

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