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   Chapter 102 The Second Meeting

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However, hearing what she said, Lancy didn't know what to do anymore. She was happy to share her feelings with Hiram, "It's so dedicated. It haven't moved a bit..."

They were all dedicated to their work. Did the parent really applaud them from the bottom of his heart?

"Mommy, once the rat is in danger, it will automatically enter the death mode, about four hours." On the other hand, Rani presented Angela with a gift and patted her chest. "I raised this baby Tina by myself. The time limit of its delivery is about 20 minutes, different from that of others," she explained

Poor Tina, if it still has consciousness, it must bang the table!

'Damn it! Do you think you can easily tame a rat? It seemed that he was trained to be a nice person, but in fact, he was annoyed!

The baby disturbed his "living path" successfully by the tireless attack. It was called "life vitality clock", which could repulse a century if it was put to death. What could the baby do without miscarriage?

The hypocritical Tina found itself unable to get along with others any more, so it just threw itself to the ground and followed the little devil master 'I'm so tired, and I can't kick my feet anymore. I'd better give up on myself...'

The woman was so irritated that she ignored her?

"Miss Lancy, you have gone too far!" The woman pointed at Lancy's nose. Although she was well-educated, she couldn't help but be angry. What on earth happened to this woman?

Hearing that, Lancy pointed at herself. In a somewhat daze, she answered, "too far? Me?" In fact, what the pretty girl wanted to ask the most was whether she had gone too far? She was willing to do everything for him?

That was how Lancy from the orchid private club looked like! She was way out of line?

Miss Carol tried to smooth things over with an awkward smile, "Mrs. Doris, let's calm down first. I believe that the reason why Miss Lancy came here is because she wants to solve the problem. Right? Miss Lancy?"

The poor teacher kept winking at Lancy, making her look very nervous. Lancy asked with concern, "Miss Carol, is your eyes swollen?"

The only thing Miss Carol could do was hehe.

The woman called Mrs. Doris blew a big, turbid breath out of her chest. She waved her hand and said in an aggressive way: "well, don't try to say something pleasant. Now you all know that it is your fault. Ask your child to apologize to my son in front of all the teachers and students. Then I will not ask you to pay the compensation. "

Money was not important at all for a family like Mrs. Doris She was not interested in the money at all, especially when it was from a "civilian" like Lancy.

What a big tone! She just forced him to kneel down and beg for mercy?

The little fat boy was known for being powerful in kindergarten. Now everyone finally understood who was the source of children's capriciousness.

It was difficult for Miss Carol. To be honest, Miss Carol could not afford to o

k to Lu Clan again and again?

Was it fate? Kevin is sure it's a tragedy.

The name Doris flew into the crowd of people's ears. And even Kevin had heard about it before. Doris was the only daughter of Mrs. Wilson. She was absolutely the princess of Lu Clan.

It was no wonder that Mrs. Doris was so domineering. For an education career as noble kindergarten, it would be difficult to have a foothold in Alaska without the support of influential people. Sen Clan was the largest director. Mrs. Doris was also the president of the parent's meeting.

"OK, OK, I will inform the principal right away." Miss Carol nodded and bowed. Now she didn't want to look at Lancy anymore. For her parents, the most important thing was to dress and eat.

The principal was having a meeting at the national trade building. Otherwise she would have come here very early. It must be the principal who received Mrs. Doris. Miss Carol made a call to inform the principal of the accident. Things were out of control.

"You'll be expelled from school!" Mrs. Doris snapped. Looking at Lancy and the children, she took their shock as fear and panic God knew how they felt right now.

Hearing her words, Kevin took a deep breath. He was about to get back on his feet. He was determined to protect Lancy and the babies. "Don't screw around with me!"

"Kevin?" Mrs. Doris was stunned for a while and then asked, "What about Kevin?"

It was indeed him, a little familiar! Being arrogant, Mrs. Doris had never remembered anyone's face impatiently and kept calling him face blind. But after she took a close look at the building, she just left a faint impression.

"I was wondering who dared to bully my son. Turns out you have Caspar on your side." With her head held high, Mrs. Doris walked in front of Lancy, looked back and gave Kevin a glance, and said, "What a pity! Other people fear Mr. Kevin, but I don't care!"

"You!" Kevin overwhelmed by anger. Their enemies were at their peak.

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