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   Chapter 101 Something Happened To The Baby

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10081

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After all, it was his flesh and blood, wasn't it? How could he get loved by his own son? Did he need to be taught by her? To say the least, even if you had a daughter, you were not in the feudal society now. A daughter was also delicate. Of course, the first baby could be a boy, but the son was better.

"Nina, listen to me. Don't be so stressed out. Just have a daughter, that's not a big deal. That's the member of Han Clan. Moreover, you and Kevin are still young, and don't need to worry about having a baby. The most important thing right now is to take good care of the baby and give birth to a healthy baby. You don't need to worry about anything else. " Jill said in all earnestness.

Nina remained silent throughout. She nodded perfunctorily at Jill. She knew that her mom did this for her good, but she would never understand She had suffered a lot, and now she was a real example.

Not that she didn't understand what her mother said, but that everything had to be based on the same foundation Otherwise, all was empty talk.

Hearing that, Kevin stepped on the gas and tried to comfort Lancy from time to time, "it's going very fast from here to the kindergarten. Don't worry. Just stay put."

On the side of the passenger seat, Lancy was moving restlessly. Seeing that, Kevin grew more frightened. On the one hand, he had to pay attention to the road condition, on the other hand, he had to pay attention to her. Fortunately, Lancy was strapped in the safety belt. Otherwise, he would be driven crazy with worry.

However, Lancy, like a little child, stretched her neck and moved left and right. It seemed that her seat was set by an immortal's palm. She could not just sit there idly!

"Ouch!" the girl covered her head with her hands. Lancy had just been too impulsive and bumped into the car by accident.

Kevin's heart ached. He asked in a much softer voice, "does it hurt? Don't worry. You'll be there in ten minutes! There were so many teachers in the nursery school. Ray and Rani must be fine What's wrong with them? "

All right. Kevin had no idea what had happened at all. He was too anxious to look after Lancy.

Did the twins get hurt in the kindergarten? Kevin clenched the steering wheel and felt his heart hanging in the air. Kevin was extremely distressed at the thought of the two lovely babies bleeding and hurting!

With her head down, Lancy fiddled with her fingers and muttered, "our baby is in trouble..."

What? Her voice is too little to be heard~

Hearing that, Kevin turned his head and gave her a deep look subconsciously.

Lancy cleared her throat. Her big flexible eyes gleamed unusual colors. She was indeed very nervous, but more was excitement and excitement! She raised her voice suddenly and said excitedly, "the baby is in trouble. The kindergarten teacher asked me to come over."

Lancy was so excited and excited that she couldn't wait to I'm so excited to be invited here!

Kevin was frightened. He didn't know what to do. He was worried abou

e, Rani said to the teacher again, "Miss Carol, that's not a dead mouse. It's still alive, okay? Moreover, I am a rat, different from a mouse, okay? "

At the same time, Rani had already explained the situation more than ten times! The "well" flickered on the white, cute girl's forehead, and she was not far from the edge of madness.

Everyone knew that?

To make it more persuasive, Rani took out the cage hidden behind her. A little rat watched everyone with its round eyes, and received much attention from the crowds. It said that the human world was so terrifying that it could bleat down. However, a kick in the shin made it roll up with its eyes and make its long tail roll up to the middle of its jaw, with the hood bulging, the breathing and heartbeat stopping, and the body kept shaking violently, and its expression was very painful. It didn't move after a few moments.

With her eyes blinking and her head leaning against the table, Lancy was curious and shocked. She had a curious and curious expression on her face. It was a live broadcast! How amazing it was! "What's this?"

With a smug smile on his face, Rani acted like a teacher. She excitedly explained, "Mommy, it's fun, isn't it? In fact, it got nothing but pretend to die... "

It's so cute to pretend to be a magical horse! '! With her mouth wide open, Lancy poked the rat with her index finger

The lady was about to throw up, but her son was shaking all the time. It could be seen how deeply the shadow of him being knocked on the rat was! The little fat boy hid behind his mother and poked his head from time to time, accidentally meeting Ray's eyes. With a glance from the baby, he almost pissed his pants.

"What? Are you..." Miss Carol heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Carla's bright eyes and thought, 'did I make a mistake? Generally, parents should criticize their children in this case, shouldn't they?

Other teachers shook their heads. They must misunderstand what Emily said, which was a sign of anger.

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