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   Chapter 100 Self Torture

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The more tolerant Kevin was to her, the more Nina wanted to give Lancy a hard time This might be called vicious circle.

After giving a cold glance at Nina, Kevin had no desire to talk to her at all. He said indifferently, "Do you want to continue? If you don't, I'll leave now. "

The man was just about to take a step out when Nina stopped him and said, "Stop! You haven't answered my question yet!"

Then Kevin lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, "are you done with it? I can't tolerate you anymore. Don't think that what happened before is gone because of the baby."

Staring at Kevin with her watery eyes, she asked, "is he really going to do this?"?

Kevin's cold eyes reminded Nina that this was what he wanted to do!

There were embarrassment and uneasiness flashing in Nina's eyes. However, she couldn't allow herself to be humiliated by her pride. "Kevin, we are getting married soon."

Is it interesting to look into the past? Anyway, he is going to marry her. He can't disobey Mr. Caspar, but he can't disobey Han Clan. In that case, why should he care about those things?

Of course, Nina was wrong about a man's self-esteem, and she belittled his love for Lancy. She was selfish and didn't expect that it would ruin Kevin's happiness and make him and his lover miss each other. She only cared about her own happiness.

It was common that two people got married because of their different background. But for Kevin, especially for families like Han Clan, marriage didn't mean that they loved each other. Even though they got married, it didn't mean nothing happened and everything could be reversed.

Hearing this, Kevin grabbed Nina's hand and said with a tender smile, "You know what? I am just very happy. I will be much happier than getting married with you even if she has only said one word to me."

After saying that, the man pushed her away coldly and Nina fell to the sofa. She thumped the sofa with her fist to vent her anger.

With unwillingness and tears in her eyes, Nina's heart was hurt a lot because of the man's ruthless behavior again and again. However, she raised her head stubbornly and revealed a smile, even if this smile was pretending to be strong She would never cry, only the loser would cry.

Nina bit her red lips tightly and stared at Kevin with burning eyes. She had to remind him, "don't worry. Lancy won't marry you." So please don't waste more time on Lancy. Can't you just look at her? She was still pregnant with his child.

"…… You talked too much! " With a gloomy face, Kevin didn't want to be reminded of the cruel fact again and again, especially that the person who reminded him of it was the one who did it, which would only make him hate more! "For the sake of the baby, you'd better behave yourself, because you will not be

urged him anxiously. "Let's go together, quickly..."

Kevin took her by the hand and was about to leave. The obvious doting from her eyes could not deceive anyone. "You haven't told me where you are going!"

"Kindergarten. Baby..."

Something happened to the baby? No wonder Lancy was so nervous for the first time.

Lancy's voice was getting farther and farther away. Hearing that it was about the baby, Kevin followed her step without hesitation! As the saying goes, "love me, love my dog." so that was it.

Tears welled up in Nina's eyes immediately. Feeling embarrassed, she stood still. She didn't even have a chance to say something to stop him. Leaving his decent fiancee behind? Was he really a man?

Now, Nina could understand how it felt when Zelda broke up with the man she loved most and abandoned her What's more ironic was that from the beginning to the end, the man only had eyes for Lancy. He even followed her in a hurry even without knowing what happened. Was there anything more ironic than this?

Nina sat on the sofa absentmindedly, without noticing Jill who was standing next to her.

Obviously, Jill watched all this time. Her anger was no less than that of her daughter. One was her beloved biological daughter in the palm of his hand, but the other was the daughter who was so eager to take away both of them. Which was relative?

"Nina, don't be angry. It is bad for your health." Jill placated her daughter calmly, "After you get married to Kevin, you will definitely win his heart back? Men are easily to be coaxed. Moreover, you have children. "

Jill surely "planned" and said: "Children are the fetters of parents. As long as you have a son, your position in the family of mother-in-law will be consolidated! So my mother-in-law will definitely help you. By then, will my father-in-law not be able to win his heart back? "

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