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   Chapter 99 Love Throes Fast

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Mrs. Wilson didn't know much about Lancy, so she asked about their conversation. "The granddaughter of Lan Clan Is that true? " Who would have thought that a dignified man like Ethan would stare at such a woman?

The expression of Freda and Myron was subtle. The bastard before marriage was a fact, but if Leila was Charles's, they would ignore it.

Mrs. Wilson took their silence as approval. Mrs. Wilson muttered, "It seems true. I can't let such a woman marry into Lu Clan. I have to tell Mr. Sidney about this."

Was this reason enough to make Mr. Sidney relieved? After his mother's death, Mrs. Wilson was in a hurry to find out what she could do. Although Marvin and Ye Clan failed in getting married, she, as his grandmother, was supposed to be involved in it? Mr. Sidney was her husband. If she didn't make up her mind, who else could she turn to for help?

Freda and Myron were thinking about telling this to their brother because Mrs. Wilson had feelings for Lancy This was not a good omen.

Ye Clan's affair came to an end, and Lancy's life seemed to return to peace again.

After waiting for several days, when there was no news about the hospital on that day, Nina knew that the plan had failed. She was very upset about it and really didn't understand what dumb luck was on Lancy's side. She was so lucky!

Fortunately, the good thing between Kevin and her was unchanged, which comforted her a little.

Now, Nina was tormented at home for the wedding and she had to ask Kevin to show everyone how happy she was and how much he loved her.

God knew, Kevin was starting to lose his patience.

With the baby in her belly, Nina became unruly. Not knowing how to behave herself, she became more and more unscrupulous. Sometimes she even forgot to restrain herself in front of Kevin. She just acted recklessly without realizing it This was exactly what he got.

There was a saying on the Internet that the love show would die soon, and Nina seemed to fight for it.

Picking dresses or something like this was enough to be done in her own room. They had to move the "war" into the hall in a big way, for fear that Lancy couldn't hear them.

Kevin sat there annoyedly, looking at the delicate expression on Nina's face.

"Kevin, do you like this dress?" Nina held the dress with one hand and gestured on her body with the other. "The bowknot on your waist is so naive, isn't it?"

This was the 53 dress she chose. Was it interesting to ask for his opinions on every dress? Hearing this, Kevin sighed deeply. He was too patient to stand woman's torture! Since she was pregnant The man scratched his hair and decided not to cry anymore.

"It's good. It depends on you." All the men wanted was a repeat machine.

"Take it seriously. Kevin. This is our wedding! I don't want our wedding to be flawed because we are in a hurry. Wedding ceremony? Only once in

s drenched in anger, like a color palette.

Did they have a fight? The adorable Lancy looked at Kevin, and then looked at Nina. She didn't hear the quarrel between them. Did the atmosphere suddenly change?

The marriage certificate was set up by Lancy?

So Lancy didn't know.

Nina knew why Kevin got angry. It was because she put Lancy in an awkward situation. He just gave her a cold shoulder. If she got angry in front of Lancy, he would eat her?

The only way to vent Nina's anger was to take off the beautiful dresses in her hands. After a short while, they were totally ravaged by her and she threw them on the sofa in a fit of pique. "You really didn't pay attention to me at all! I'm so ugly! I need to find a professional designer to rearrange it for me. "

Hearing that, Kevin just curled his lips. He just watched Nina picking up the dress and roared with anger. He didn't mean to comfort her at all.

Realizing that the atmosphere was a little weird, Lancy thought she'd better return to her room silently. As a result, she winked at Kevin and her little expression was extremely funny.

Lancy always brought him happiness without any suggestion Duke's tensed nerves relaxed a lot because of her ghost face, and his serious face softened a lot. Kevin nodded slightly and watched her sneaking back room like a thief with a smile.

"Are you happy?" Nina strolled gloomily to where Kevin was, and stared at Lancy's receding figure with an unreadable expression on her face. "Do you think a slight expression on her face can make you happier than marrying me?"

As long as she was a woman, Kevin couldn't resist the temptation any more. So was Nina? Every time when Kevin saw Lancy, his eyes lit up obviously. He had never been with her before.

Didn't she know that Kevin loathed her perfunctorily? He didn't even try to hide his feelings, which was in sharp contrast with his attitude to Lancy!

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