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   Chapter 98 A Hidden Crisis

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Mrs. Dora hastened to call the doctor and took Zelda to the next ward.

After Mrs. Dora and Zelda disappeared from the sight of the crowd, Luke behind them left with the reporters. The noisy VIP ward calmed down again, and he did a good job this time.

Marvin was sure that Lancy saw them. From their expressions at that time, he could totally guess what they were talking about. Moreover, with her good ears, Lancy was likely to hear everything from beginning to end.

Marvin had never been nervous before. But now because of Lancy, he made an exception again. There was some ripples in his cold and indifferent eyes, which only he could perceive.

What would she think?

Hearing that, haze looked at Marvin with her little face in her hands for a full three minutes. Then she suddenly snickered and said, "boss, I've heard it all. How bad I am!"

'Is her tone swollen? Damn it!

Bad? Upon hearing Lancy's words, Marvin raised his eyebrows. For a moment, it was difficult to tell whether the words were praises or disapproval. He walked to Lancy step by step until they were standing almost close to each other.

Hearing that, Lancy raised her head slightly. Well, it was really her fault. After all, her boss was too tall!

"…… So what? " Marvin gave her a deep look.

Hearing that, Lancy covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a snicker. Under the gaze of the man, she stretched her two paws and said, "boss, please buy me off as a reward. I'm very vindictive about secrets."

I beg you to buy me over, and beg you to shut up your mouth, and beg for mercy "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that!

A hint of astonishment flashed through the man's eyes, and all his emotions turned into an intoxicating smile in an instant. Looking at the hand of a girl, Marvin curled his lips unconsciously.

To buy him off?

The man took Lancy by the hand and led her away naturally.

Hearing that, Lancy pouted. She wanted to protest that her lips were swollen? She stared at the kidnapper and wondered, 'what do you mean? Promise me or refuse me?

Lancy racked her brains but she still couldn't figure out what was in Marvin's mind. She was too tired to love a bird!

I want to hold your hand That was his reply.

Under the control of Marvin, there was no news about Lancy. But there were rumors about Zelda. Some people even began to question Zelda's sexual orientation and the purpose of this farce.

And there were also news on the Internet that Zelda had studied abroad in those years. 'there is truth in these pictures. Everyone can learn from these pictures.' Emily thought in mind! A new storm of gossip was stirred up again, and those things with Lancy were soon forgotten by the public.

Yes, it was only Zelda alone at the beginning, and even the photo of Lancy on the Internet was blurred! Let alone the baby's. Nowadays the public were so smart that they could only get the information they wanted since it was too late for them to follow the wind and clutch at shadows. The recent news had obvious that Z

ne. They would argue with each other all the time and their faces would flush with anger!

Not knowing what Mr. Ye said, Mrs. Wilson suddenly became angry. She pointed at his nose and cursed, "get out!"

The two stared at each other and saw the shock and astonishment in each other's eyes.

At this moment, there was a dead silence, so silent that the people present could hardly kick it away.

Suppressing his fury, Mr. Ye said in an surprisingly calm tone, "Good. From now on, my surname is ye, and I will never step into your Lu Clan again. You are a nobody! I'll take it as my fault for not discipline Zelda. I'll punish myself for that! And you, my good sister, from now on, have a good rest during the old age. Pray for yourself! "

With a grim face, Mrs. Wilson watched as her brother went away! It seemed that she had used up all her strength in the process. No one could understand how Mrs. Wilson felt now When Mr. Sidney had been determined to leave, she had never had such a feeling. She was afraid, terrified, helpless and helpless. Without the support of her parents, she was the only one in Lu Clan.

Even without the support of her mother's family, Mrs. Wilson would still stand there, no one could pose a threat to her status in Lu Clan.

Mrs. Wilson covered her anxiety with arrogance and confidence. Especially in front of Charles and his sister, she acted as if she didn't care about Ye Clan at all.

But the two people, Freda and Myron, were just sitting there and watching.



The brother and sister said in unison. However, Mrs. Wilson smiled awkwardly.

Mrs. Wilson nodded. She looked at them thoughtfully. Suddenly, she remembered a person, "The one called Lancy, I think you know her."

From the major news reports these days, Mrs. Wilson began to face the existence of Lancy, for her first time to care about this woman. Look, she called out Lancy's name correctly. Congratulations.

It turned out that the woman was the only reason for Marvin's farce.

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