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   Chapter 97 Who Allows You To Love Me

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9785

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However, the next second, she was ruthlessly sent to hell and could not turn over.

"For whom are you pretending? It would be more convenient to jump off the building. They didn't even have to call the ambulance. You died on the spot! But now, your living is a drag.

Zelda took a deep breath and asked, "What... What did you say?" Although Marvin was a little cold, he definitely had changed into another person, more terrible than a demon from hell!

Marvin's face turned more gloomy. He stared at Zelda and said in a cold voice, "You stupid woman! How dare you scheme against me over and over again! Do you really think you can get my girl by risking your life? And ridiculous in the name of love Did I permit you? "

Zelda's eyebrows shot up. She covered her chest and said, "Permit... I love you, but it's about me that you never respond to me! " It turned out that to love him, she need permission?

Hearing that, Marvin could not help but smell. Angrily said, "You have no right! It will only make me hate the women of Ye Clan. Don't you see in the mirror that your glorious appearance can't hide the stench and ugliness in your bones? Your love will only make me sick! "

"Just because I am the daughter of Ye Clan? "Brother Marvin, it's unfair to me..." Why are you blaming me for being born and denying everything I have because of my family? It's not my fault that my family name is Ye. I'm the woman who really loves you, and Lancy is only money who loves you. Didn't you hear that? Only I, Zelda, will give anything for you. Only my love is pure! " Zelda couldn't bear to be denied by this man.

Damn it! He said that she was a bad woman from the upper class? How many men were willing to do everything just to make her smile? How many men were dreaming to know her, even if just to say a word. She had been waiting for him wholeheartedly for so many years. How come he just didn't believe and doubted her?

"Pure?" Marvin really smiled this time. His smile was light, so cozy. "That's Ye Clan's woman! Everyone in this city knows that she tried to kill herself by cutting her wrist. She put all the blame on Lancy. She even invited all the major media to play the love drama and tried to make me yield by making use of public opinion. She is really a very scheming and calculating woman! Is this your purity? "

The man mercilessly tore off the mask of hypocrisy, revealing the ugliest truth.

"Mrs. Wilson of the Lu Clan is old. While the Ye Clan has challenged my bottom line again and again to maintain this collapsing marriage relationship. Is it just because of this little wound? How about you jump from here right now? Maybe I will spare Ye Clan. "

The man suddenly stood up, pulled open the white curtain, opened the window and dragged Zelda outside.

"No, no, let me go, please!" Zelda struggled. She didn't want to die!

Snorting, Marvin let go of her and looked her down the floor. He

was mad at the picture!

The woman's heart wrenching scream finally attracted the attention of the people outside.

Lancy broke into the room first. With a gentle push, the girl looked at the people in the room from afar.

Hearing his explanation, Lancy covered her eyes with her hands. Of course, she didn't understand his meaning. She opened her index finger a crack from the middle, which looked very professional in this way.

However, did she use her eyes to hide her surprise? 'This is a ward. They are here to visit a patient.'

At this time, Marvin let go of her. And Zelda rushed out like a madwoman! sHe immediately embraced his mother who was about to break in, crying and shouting, "no, I won't marry him. I won't marry him I hate men! I hate men! "

The journalists present were all stunned. 'Zelda, do you know what you are talking about?' Was she going to admit that she was crazy?

The previous pieces of photos had been deleted, and the reporters and friends were worried the news. However, no matter what happened, and all of them, who were dedicated to work, immediately pressed the shutter.

They was curious about what they had talked about. A moment ago, Zelda, who loved Marvin deeply and never regretted it, now she regarded Marvin as a dreadful monster and even shouted that she wouldn't marry him?

What was more strange was that the security guards didn't stop the journalists from taking pictures. They stood expressionlessly as wallpaper. Anyway, they could see nothing.

As a matter of fact, all of them were smart and knew what to do without their boss' instruction.

Holding her daughter in her arms, Mrs. Dora was also confused. "Zelda, what's wrong with you? Did Marvin bully you?"

Zelda covered her ears with her hands. It was undoubtedly that the name of Marvin was a spell. She kept saying that she would not marry Marvin, showing her bloody hand in front of everyone, freaking everyone out.

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