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   Chapter 96 Zelda Finally Met Marvin

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Lancy nodded in relief, pulling his sleeve with her small hand. Like a frightened child, she would not let go! It seemed that she was really frightened.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." With a simple glimpse, the chores were all cleaned up. Marvin nodded with satisfaction.

Mrs. Dora was the first one who couldn't sit still. She narrowed her eyes with displeasure and didn't care about those men in black. Her daughter committed suicide because of Marvin, but Marvin didn't care about Zelda at all. "Are you Marvin? What are you doing? How can you bring so many people with you? Are you really here to visit Zelda? "

'Damn it! Who said he was here to visit Zelda? 'what's wrong with her?' he wondered.

Marvin didn't even look at Mrs. Dora. He had been with her for only a few times and this had already made Marvin feel disgusted. "I thought it was your daughter who wanted to see me."

His voice was so indifferent without any emotion. His cold eyes had seen through what was happening.

The delicate Zelda felt ashamed when her eyes met with his! She quickly shook her head and decisively forgot the weird feeling. She thought she showed her wrist in front of him quietly and tried to arouse the slightest bit of pity.

"What Zelda committed suicide because of you. Don't you want to visit her? " Her treasure was spoiled like this, which made Mrs. Dora feel so angry.

Mrs. Dora voice was so loud that everyone in the hospital could hear her.

Zelda bit her lower lip, and was afraid that her mother would say something that might make men misunderstand. She quickly shouted, "mother, Marvin didn't mean that. Would you please go out first? " It seemed that she had something to tell him.

Zelda was expectant and worried. For a moment, she didn't care about his care for Lancy.

Well, at this crucial point, she had nothing to worry about.

Instead, Marvin turned around and whispered to Lancy, "Stay here and wait for me."

What was he talking about? Zelda raised a glimmer of hope. She leaned on the soft pillow and behaved incredibly.

It was as if that man would make a corresponding concession for her being obedient.

However, Lancy was not unhappy at all. On the contrary, she was eager to leave the ward! Thinking of the unique smell of hydrogen peroxide from the hospital, Lancy felt uncomfortable.

Therefore, Lancy walked out of the ward with no objection and sat on the chair beside the corridor casually.

The woman was more conscious than Mrs. Dora. Mrs. Dora often looked back when she stepped out of the ward!

Then the door was closed lightly. Like the time line, the world was divided into two parts. At the end of the long corridor, there were journalists surrounded by men in black. Lancy and Mrs. Dora stood outside the door, staring at each other.

Of co

wrist, as if he was silently asking about her wound.

Eyes turning red, Zelda felt like she was going through a hell no matter what her purpose was. The man's concern was what she wanted the most. Only this time, Zelda felt that everything was worth it! "Marvin, don't worry. Zelda is fine, really fine."

The gauze stained with blood could not be dressed in this way The more Zelda tried to persuade Marvin, the more she felt that she was in trouble.

She was getting closer and closer to Marvin, with his warm palm encircling her arm.

Zelda lowered her head shyly, with tears in her eyes. She gazed at Marvin with deep affection and finally said, "Marvin, please don't have any burden. I don't regret it... It's all my fault. I failed to keep your heart. "

As if she had stayed.

"Does it hurt?" It was hard to tell whether Marvin was angry or happy from his tone.

Zelda shook her head. "No, it doesn't hurt It's okay. "

Marvin lifted his eyes, but at the same time, tightened his hand. He pressed down hard, and her wound that had already broken became even worse!

"Ah!" Zelda cried out in pain. Her eyes were full of disbelief.

"I think so." Marvin was extremely calm, as if he didn't realize how serious it was at all. "The cut is less than five inches. Is it possible to enter the emergency room at this level?"

Less than five inches? Zelda was dumbfounded. Was she wrong? Why did he sound regretful?

Regret for why she was still alive? No, she must have misunderstood him. Marvin wouldn't be so cruel to kill her. However, the pain on her wrist was not a joke.

Marvin said with a faint smile on his lips and severe coldness in his eyes, "Why do you choose to commit suicide in this way?"

The man murmured, as if he was blaming Zelda. Enduring great pain, Zelda suddenly became very gentle, with unimaginable tenderness in her eyes!

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