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   Chapter 95 Hypocritical Woman

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"But you are bleeding..." Lancy covered her eyes with her hands, which was the solid evidence of "disgust".

Zelda hysterically as she sprang out of bed, "I don't give a damn about what you're doing. You don't need to care whether I'm bleeding or dead! Since you have won over Marvin, why didn't you play your cards before engagement? Are you really so happy to hurt me? Why didn't you tell me all of this earlier? "

"If I had known and known this earlier Then I will not dream of marrying him. " Zelda pretended to be sad. She couldn't tell if she was telling the truth. "I will fulfill your wish Why do you have to do this to me? Why do you leave me alone to face the harsh reality? Do you have to insult me just because I love him? "

The journalists could do nothing but watch Zelda cry helplessly with red eyes.

Mrs. Dora took the opportunity to hold her daughter and begged, "Miss Lancy, please go away. Don't hurt my poor daughter again.".

Zelda behaved so humbly that every woman would be grieved.

The journalists were informed of the marriage between the Lu Clan and the Ye Clan's last generation. It was reported that Marvin and Zelda grew up together and had feelings for each other since childhood The Ye Clan made up all kinds of assumptions. Zelda became the victim, and of course, Lancy was the third party.

One was a poor lady from a rich family, and the other who had lived a wandering life for more than 20 years was said to have a child before marriage. In the eyes of the masses, Lancy had become the best spokesperson of the tramps in the 21st century.

"Miss Lancy, what do you want to say?" The braid reporter didn't give up. She pointed her aim at Lancy again, with disdain in her eyes. She had already begun to make a detailed report and couldn't wait to write it in an amazing way.

"Do you really have nothing to say about Miss Zelda's accident?"

"What's going on between you and Mr. Marvin?"

Lancy looked confusedly at the people who had besieged her. Because of the blood phobia, her head was a little heavy. She began to feel dizzy and she could even hear her burning breath.

All of the reporters looked so fierce that it seemed like they were going to kill people. How could Lancy resist them?

However, Lancy's silence and panic had already become the breaking point in those people's eyes, and her questions were sharper and ruthless. "Are you going to marry Mr. Marvin? Do you really have your child before marriage? "

Child before marriage? Zelda's face turned pale. 'Did a promiscuous woman steal a man from me?

Was it a good question to ask in front of Zelda?

"You are getting married to Marvin?" Zelda asked angrily, gritting her teeth.

Hearing that, Lancy could do nothing but shake her head. She mumbled, "no, no..."

"Not married?" Zelda asked. Her expression changed quickly as she racked her b

little later, Zelda was sure that she could make Lancy bid! By then, Lancy would have any witnesses and evidence. But she couldn't explain it clearly.

This slight shout drew the consciousness of journalists back. When they wanted to press the shutter subconsciously, they found a group of bodyguards in black suits appeared beside them. They were staring at them seriously and fiercely. The next second, the camera was taken by them.

One-on-one monitoring When did these people show up? Was the gun equipped at his waist real?

Obviously, these guys were brought by Marvin. They were well-trained, and were not at the same level as the so-called security guards outside.

"It's my photographic film. How dare you touch my thing!" The braid reporter yelled that she was taken out... That was the result of rebellion. It was all the other journalists' fault. They were of noble integrity and cunning, but could not do anything about it?

These newsmen who wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. The only thing they could do was to shut their mouths obediently and watch the negative film being destroyed.

It was said that the Lu Clan had complicated influences in the underworld and had been closely connected to the underworld. It had been guessed by everyone all the time Now, they had to face the reality.

Zelda was even more afraid. She didn't know why she had never been so scared when Marvin was doing this. She wanted to hide behind her mother subconsciously. It turned out that the body of a person was more honest than heart.

Her cold eyes fell on the wrist of Zelda. If she had to ask about Marvin's feelings, his first reaction was to be honest.

Marvin subconsciously blocked the sight of Lancy, and his long sleeves fingertips gently hooked her lower jaw. The pale face made the man even more unhappy. "Is it all right?" He remembered that Lancy had a blood phobia.

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