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   Chapter 94 Meet In The Ward

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After a while, Lancy replied in a low voice, "I'm hungry. I want to eat hot pot..."

That girl said she was sad, and angry. It took a lot of energy to think about it. She said it was so easy to be hungry~

"…… Yes. " The man's lips could not help going up, and there was some irresistible magic in his smile.

Actually, Lancy was thinking about what she would have for dinner by locking herself in her room, right? Right?

Marvin did what he had promised. On the next day, there were no words that had anything to do with Lancy on the newspapers or on the Internet. Everything seemed to be as calm as if nothing had happened.

The Ye Clan had made every effort to make so many things, but the outcome only lasted for less than 24 hours. It could be seen that the means and skills of Marvin were beyond everyone's imagination.

Zelda was still lying on the bed in the ward. The Ye Clan didn't want to let Marvin go so easily. They spared no effort to make trouble for him.

They didn't expect that this opportunity was presented to them.

Nina wasn't willing to let the thing go at that, so she dragged Lancy out in the name of doing prenatal checkups. It was human nature for a sister to accompany Nina to do prenatal checkups, and Lancy didn't have a chance to refuse because of her eloquence.

Lancy didn't know that Zelda was also hospitalized in the same hospital as Nina's.

'We should praise Nina for her good intentions. '

As Nina passed by the entrance of the hospital, she saw a crowd of reporters. Knowing that Ye Clan wouldn't give up.

The baby inside Nina's belly had just been one month old, but it was just a routine examination. Within half an hour, all the procedures were completed, and they were just waiting for the blood test.

While waiting in the gynaecology and obstetrics department, Nina took Lancy "to go to the hospital" with a purpose. Thanks to the newspaper, it was clearly shown that Zelda was in a VIP ward, which was on the sixth floor of this hospital.

"Lancy, the hospital looks good, right? Let's go to the VIP floor to have a look. If possible, I can give birth here." In fact, Nina had chosen a private hospital in Alaska. She didn't like it here.

Knowing nothing about pregnancy, Lancy didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Nina grabbed Lancy's arm and couldn't get rid of her.

"My dear sister, you are experienced and should give me some advice." Nina said in a childish way, which made people get goose bumps. "You even gave birth to two children at the same time. Tell me about it."

Rubbing her cheeks, Lancy gazed at Nina innocently, trying to recall how she gave birth to her baby. "Experience As soon as I woke up, the baby came into the world. Thump! Thump! "

Flop! Flop! That was what Lancy had felt.

The corner of Nina's mouth twitched. If she could give birth to a

asked for trouble. Don't blame her.

Staring at the gauze on her wrist thoughtfully, Zelda stabbed it down again and again. At the same time, the blood got wet on the gauze. Mrs. Dora covered her mouth with her hand and almost cried out.

Mrs. Dora could not bear to look away, opened the door of the ward and shouted, "Who are talking about? Don't you know that the patient needs rest? You wake Zelda up... "

The protagonist is awake? The eyes of the journalists brightened and pushed Lancy in. The live broadcast was the most powerful!

The moment Lancy saw her, Lancy broke into the ward.

Her face was particularly pale because of what she did with her wrist. Zelda smiled at Lancy feebly and said pitifully, "Miss Lancy, are you satisfied with this? Why can't you just let me go? "

Hearing the man's question, Lancy was completely stunned.

"Isn't it enough for you to take Marvin away from me? Why are you still scoffing at me now?" Zelda's crystal tears fell down like pearls, which made her look morbid beauty. The sympathy, indignation and hatred for Lancy welled up in her heart.

As a woman, she could always feel the same thing.

Zelda was so pathetic that the male reporter present looked at Lancy with reproachful eyes.

"No, Miss Zelda. I didn't mean to mock you..."

Zelda would never give Zelda a chance to explain. "Yes, you are not here to ridicule me. The 'kind' you are just here to see me. You have seen what I have done. Please leave here. "

Lancy is really out of condition.

The remnant of the light fell on Zelda's wrist, and the scarlet blood instantly stabbed into Lancy's eyes. Lancy lowered her head reflexively, and her stomach began to roll again.

Zelda showed her left wrist deliberately, making wound perfect match with Lancy's expression at the moment. With tearful eyes, Zelda said in a sad voice, "Don't look at it. Go, go away! "

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