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   Chapter 93 Blame and Influence

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"Great! Now Mrs. Wilson got it." Hearing that, Marvin squinted his eyes a little. He fixed his eyes on the screen of the cellphone, on which there were the words of attack for Lancy. Seeing that, he could not help but frown.

Mrs. Wilson was too exhausted to make her last effort. "You can't treat the Lu Clan, the group, and Zelda like this. There are negative news everywhere. The only way to remove the crisis of the Wilson Group is to marry Zelda. You won't put Lu Clan at risk, will you? "

It sounded as if she was asking Marvin, but in fact, Mrs. Wilson was whispering to herself.

If the Lu Clan was that important to Marvin, this farce wouldn't have happened.

"You can't..." What? Even Mrs. Wilson didn't know how to convince him. Wouldn't he do that if she said she couldn't? If she could control Marvin, she would not have to suffer all these years.

Thinking about it for a long time, Mrs. Wilson decided to give up. She walked into the dead end, gritted her teeth and said, "I don't care. Anyway, you have to marry Zelda! As the ruler of the Wilson Group, you should take responsibility for it. You shouldn't have done such a terrible thing to damage the image of the group in the public. As the chairman of the board, you should give the board of directors an explanation in any case, shouldn't you? Or do you really want to be an unfaithful man? "

"How dare you! That woman outside dare not to do that!" Mrs. Wilson also knew the existence of Lancy from the news.

Mrs. Wilson didn't care who Lancy was from. Instead, she thought Lancy was a social climber who destroyed other people's relationship. The public opinion was so mean to this woman that she would be cursed.

"Zelda committed suicide because of you, and you are with that woman. Even if you don't consider the group or the Lu Clan, you should consider that woman, right?" She had nothing to do with Marvin, so she didn't mind hooking up with him for fear that he would make a concession.

As Marvin didn't respond, Mrs. Wilson continued to shout at him, "I won't take care of Ye Clan for you anymore. It's up to you."

She didn't believe that Marvin would really ignore them. He had come up with the second solution to such a series of problems! It had to be said that this suicide did good!

Now that they had broken up, Mrs. Wilson would force Marvin to marry Zelda. She couldn't lose the support of her own family.

After saying that, Mrs. Wilson stumbled away, totally losing the courage to wait for Marvin's positive response.

Looking at the back of Mrs. Wilson, Marvin sneered. That was why she threatened him again There is a saying that if you don't want to die, you won't die. Mrs. Wilson proved it's true by her actions again and again.

No matter Lu Clan or Ye Clan, even Zelda who was lying on the bed, could not win the slightest attention of Marvin.

If it w

d." At the mention of Zelda, Marvin's eyes darkened, with dissatisfaction and killing intent hidden in them.

He knew better than anyone else why Zelda committed suicide. That was why he hated women of Ye Clan more and more! No matter what they do, they do it for a purpose, and no exception.

Hearing that, Lancy curled her mouth and dissatisfied with her misty eyes.

Yes, man always cruel.

Hearing this, Marvin had no choice but to touch his dashing eyebrow and said, "What's in your mind?"

"So what does it have to do with?" Lancy asked in a low voice.

Marvin lowered his head and said, "I don't care about other people's life or death. It's none of my business."

Well, it doesn't matter if Zelda committed suicide or be murdered. She is just an irrelevant person! However, it was wrong for Ye Clan to involve Lancy and their babies.

Even Lancy felt the dissatisfaction of Marvin that moment. Her slim body trembled unconsciously.

Marvin saw her every move. He said to Lancy word by word, "Lancy, what you care is only the one you should care about. Other things don't worth you sad."

He didn't know whether he said this to Lancy or to himself?

Puzzled and confused, she looked at Marvin and waited for his answer! Did he mean the babies that he only cared about? "What about you? Who do you care about?" Lancy asked.

A hint of burning look flashed through Marvin's eyes, and a smile curved his lips. He thought she would never ask about it.

Just when Lancy was resentful and thought that the man would not answer her, his unique voice sounded in her ears: "I care, Ray, Rani and you."

Her heart was pounding and her face was round and red. She buried herself in her legs and was too shy to show her face.

The tiny pink bubbles were rotating between them. Both of them were forgot Zelda's commit suicide.

"Are you feeling better?" Marvin asked with a smile in his eyes.

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