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   Chapter 92 Mrs. Wilson Come And Ask For A Crime

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The security guards of the Lan Clan had made great efforts to block the reporters at the gate, while Lancy was sitting on the sofa, with her mind blank.

And one thing Lancy knew was that Zelda committed suicide.

At the same time, on Lancy's hand, she was dragging a magazine which a reporter deliver it to her. It was true that Zelda's pale face suddenly appeared and her left wrist, which was bandaged, was particularly eye-catching. Lancy looked away subconsciously. Her chest was full of scarlet fear.

Nina had already been waken up by the noise outside. She had been sleeping in her beauty sleep, so she knew that the disturbance was caused by Lancy. And her dissatisfaction was instantly replaced by curiosity and gloating. As soon as she appeared, she took out the newspaper from Lancy's hand and read it carefully.

Suicide? That's so interesting!

Pretending to be surprised, Nina covered her mouth with her hand and said, "Miss Zelda, is she the one who is going to get engaged to Mr. Marvin? Then Mr. Marvin came to you, leaving Zelda behind... So that means that Miss Zelda tried to kill herself because of you? "

Nina just said it in such a plain tone to Lancy. After all, Lancy had always been unable to understand the roundabout words.

Lancy's mind was a total mess. No matter what people said to her, she would take every word they said. And the blocked function of her body broke down automatically! Nina said slowly and unlocked the door with her tongue

Was it because of her? Hearing that, Lancy's heart tightened and her face turned pale in an instant. Miraculously, everything was connected at this moment.

Marvin didn't get engaged and broke Zelda's heart, and then she committed suicide? It seemed that she had nothing to do with Lancy, but she still felt uncomfortable and guilty.

"Poor Miss Zelda..." Seeing that, Nina sighed even more heavily. She thought to herself, 'Lancy's reputation is completely ruined now. Even grandfather can't do anything to protect her!'?

You guys are really pathetic, with your wrists cut.

Nina's black eyes turned to be dim. She asked, "Lancy, what on earth is the relationship between you and Mr. Marvin? Will he marry you? Or, just take you as his mistress? "

This was a long-standing question that had kept Nina curiosity for a long time. Now Nina finally got the chance to ask.

It was a stupid question. It was an open secret of the Lan Clan for Marvin and as two babies' fathers. Mr. Lakin repeatedly told everyone not to talk about this matter, and that was why no one spread it in public. However, on the one hand, Marvin regretted his marriage, but on the other hand, he didn't mean to marry Lancy. No one could figure out what he felt for Lancy... But, if he really cared about her, he wouldn't have revealed such a thing, would he?

Nina speculated viciously. Since Mr. Lakin wasn't home, she spoke more and more unscrupu

laughing? Isn't it your fault?" Mrs. Wilson was scared by his sneer. She stared at him, but was less confident to question him. "Don't forget that it was you who agreed to marry."

The smile on Marvin's face became weirder. He stared at Mrs. Wilson, his eyes fixing on her. "What did I promise?"

"The marriage between the Lu Clan and the Ye Clan!" Under his gaze, Mrs. Wilson's whole body got trembled. 'the marriage between Lu Clan and the Ye Clan... Well, there seemed to be something wrong?

"I have nothing to do with the marriage between Lu Clan and the Ye Clan." The smile in his cold eyes disappeared at the moment. With an absolute advantage of height, Marvin stood up and looked down at Mrs. Wilson. In an instant, Marvin was overwhelmed by the great courage. "I'm not the only member of the Lu Clan."

"It's naive for the Ye Clan to settle down as Mrs. Marvin of the Wilson Group?" Marvin said word by word, mercilessly.

"You, you, you..." Mrs. Wilson viciously pointed at Marvin with her trembling fingertips. Mrs. Wilson couldn't say a complete sentence for a long time. She was so angry that she almost fell down to the ground. "You are being unreasonable."

"Then who is pressing?" Marvin lowered his head, his eyes full of irony. "You set me up again and again 'Mrs. Wilson, am I too kind to you? I gave you the chance. Since you don't appreciate it, don't blame me for being ruthless. "

It was nobody else's fault but their own.

Mrs. Wilson fell onto the sofa, face as red as an apple. It took her a while to catch her breath.

If eyes could kill, which meant Marvin had reincarnated for over one hundred times.

Until now, Mrs. Wilson finally understood that Marvin had never thought of marrying Zelda, not at all! Don't mention being moved by Zelda. I'm afraid Marvin has been disgusted with her for a long time Even though Mrs. Wilson was breathless, she had to admit that Marvin would never marry Zelda.

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