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   Chapter 91 Zelda Committed Suicide For Love

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9909

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While the two of them were thinking, they didn't know that Marvin had come back.

Ye Clan was more well-informed than Mrs. Wilson. Firstly, they were not so afraid of Marvin. Secondly, Marvin did not intend to hide his whereabouts at all, so it was ridiculous for him to sneak back.

Since Marvin had never been afraid of Ye Clan, there was no need to hide.

It was all Mrs. Wilson and Wilson's fault that the two men hadn't gotten what they wanted yet.

The next day after the engagement farce, Zelda had found the most famous private detective in the city. Although she couldn't find where Marvin was, she was able to know as soon as Marvin entered Alaska.

And according to the information the private detective brought back to Zelda, there was a hint of Lancy.

In the dim room, Zelda let out her hair, and the last line of defense in her heart collapsed after she knew where they were! She had hoped that she and Lancy could get married, but when she knew that the one who had engaged to Kevin was actually Nina, she had expected this result.

However, Zelda was unwilling to admit it.

She was gently scratching the blurry photo with her white fingertips. From the photo, it could be vaguely recognized that Marvin and Lancy were walking side by side through the VIP entrance of the airport. The woman was beautiful and the man was cold and arrogant, but the man's eyes were full of suffocating tenderness when he looked at the woman Everything happening made Zelda angry.

Zelda tried to hold on to her phone and dialed the familiar number over and over again. These days, she kept dialing Marvin's number day and night, and she couldn't get any response from Marvin, even by voice.

He's back. Should he answer her phone? Zelda bit her fingertips nervously. She was in extreme anxiety and fear.

The whole world now knew that Zelda had been dumped. She even felt that everyone around her looked at her with sympathy. Therefore, she locked herself in her room and did not see anyone. She was waiting for Marvin to pick her up. It was just a misunderstanding

She finally got his news. Should he meet her? At least, he should give her an explanation?

However, the phone was beeping

"Answer the phone, please. Marvin, please answer the phone!" Zelda walked barefoot on the floor. The phone was always the same sound. "If it goes on like this, I will go crazy, I will really go crazy."

Her face was deathly pale, which was not as active and energetic as usual. Her dim eyes were filled with hysteria, in a sharp contrast to her calmness and calmness on the face.

Zelda didn't know that the phone was left by its owner in a dark corner.

She had tried so hard to call him, but still received no response Zelda leaned against the door and curled up in the corner. She buried herself between her knees as if she was abandoned by the whole world.

"Miss, miss, madam made porridge for you. Would you like some?" Just then, there was

m after breakfast. For Lu Clan and Ye Clan who made topics, they would praise them generously.

That night, the media companies worked overtime and worked up late to finish the report and published it the next day! The news that Zelda was sent to the emergency room flooded the hospital. People were uncertain about her life. For the first time, she was favored and sympathized by the public.

At the same time, the news that Marvin had come back with a mysterious woman was exposed at the same time. In just eight hours, the identity of Lancy was found out.

All the details, including the news that Lancy had lived as a "homeless" for many years, had been guessed by the mass of people, which raised the doubts of her moral quality and the attack of her life style!

When Lancy woke up, the sky was totally changed. There were many reporters waiting outside Lan Clan in order to interview her at the first time.

Lancy, who knew nothing about it, rushed over as soon as she sent the twins out. The reporters hiding in the dark rushed over, which completely shocked her.

"Miss Lancy, do you know that Miss Zelda killed herself because of your interference?"

"What do you think of Miss Zelda's suicide?"

"Miss Lancy, what's your relationship with Mr. Marvin? Have you already known that he is engaged to Ye Clan? "

"Do you step in or are you hided by Mr. Marvin?"

"Excuse me, are you in the hospital to see Miss Zelda?"

The questions came one after another, which stunned Lancy. She didn't know what to do or how to dodge. She just stood there like a fool, having no idea what to do.

Fortunately, the first person who came back to earth was Lakin. He rescued her from the reporters Likewise, thanks to the driver who had sent Ray and Rani away, the reporters didn't find the kids.

Otherwise, the twins and Marvin looked alike, and the reporters would be driven crazy However, the peaceful life of Lancy and their babies would never be returned.

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